Spain is consistently one of the world’s most visited countries when it comes to summer vacations, and in fact vacations at any time of year. The country is not only popular with nearby European holiday makers, but also a must visit destination for many travellers coming from much further afield in other continents. The charm of Spanish culture is something that vacation seekers crave, and it would be fair to say that one of the most sought after destinations in the entire country is the municipality of Malaga. A port city in the south of Spain on the famed Costa Del Sol, Malaga is known for its high rise luxury hotels, glorious yellow sandy beaches and its two gargantuan hilltop citadels that sit and look over the now modern city. If you are looking for a summer vacation destination and don’t quite know where to pick in Spain, then here are five of the Holiday Taxi teams’ best reasons to make Malaga the centre of your holidays this year.

1.         The Beach

It’s not surprising to hear that the beach is a central part of Malaga life. With such a wonderful sandy stretch virtually on your doorstep, why wouldn’t you want to spend most of your time there? The strip of beaches is located towards the east of the city, and along with sun and sea, you will also find a plethora of traditional seafood restaurants that promise to offer some of the freshest meals you have ever eaten in your life.

2.         La Concepcion Botanic Garden

La Concepcion is consistently rated as one of the very best botanical gardens in the whole of Europe, a true tropical paradise that gives visitors a combination of lush green forests and designed, formal gardens. The establishment was created in the 19th century by an aristocratic couple named Amalia Heredia Livermore and Jorge Loring y Oyarzabal, and though it fell into decline, it has been brought back up to standard by Malaga City Council and is now a thriving tourist spot.

3.         Granada

You simply cannot visit Malaga without also taking the time to visit Granada. Spanning across seven hills under the Sierra Nevada, Granada is one of the most physically dramatic places you will ever visit. The city, which is north east of Malaga, is dominated by the Alhambra, a complex set of fortresses and gardens that are a marvel of old Islamic architecture. You can choose to explore independently or join one of the frequently scheduled guided tours.

4.         Calle Marques de Larios

This is the street to aim for if you want to experience some traditional Spanish outdoor dining. The wonderful marble paved road is dotted with kerbside tables and chairs just waiting for visitors to come and fill them up. Whether you are looking for some simple tapas and a few drinks or you want to go all out and order some of the finest Mediterranean cuisine money can buy, you will definitely find what you are looking for on the Calle Marques de Larios.

5.         English Cemetery

No doubt most of your days will be filled with the sun, sea and sand of a classic Spanish vacation, but if at any point you crave a different kind of culture, an interesting place to visit is St. George’s Cemetery. Opened in the 19th century as a final resting place for foreigners who died in Malaga, it was actually the very first Protestant burial site in the whole of Spain, which definitely makes it something of key historical interest to many.

Malaga is fabulous for a resort holiday but with good transport links is also a base for discovering the charms of the Costa del Sol and beyond.


The Rules of Fashion For Men


It is hard to say that there are rules of fashion, but there are certainly things that are good to know when it comes to looking good as a man. I thought I would talk more about a topic that just continues to grow and grow. So read on to find out just a few of the rules that you need to know about fashion.

Buy quality

Buying quality items of clothing is the best idea, because they generally look better and last longer. There is a reason that Hugo Boss clothing looks so good and is more expensive. Find a great clothing shop, like Mainline Menswear, where you can easily shop for all the pieces that you need in one convenient place.

Feel comfortable

Being comfortable is the most important rule of fashion for men. If you don’t feel comfortable there is very little chance that you feel good or confident in what you are wearing. Of course this does not mean that you should wear the most comfortable thing that you own, but it means that you should attempt to find a balance between comfort and style.

Spray less

One thing you need to know about cologne is that you can’t take it off, once it is on it is on. You can always put more on later, but never make the mistake of spraying too much of it because it is noticeable and a huge mistake. Less is more with cologne and you can easily take a small spray bottle with you wherever you go if you need a touch up.

Understand what casual means

Casual does not mean wearing your pyjamas around outside, it means that you are not formally dressed. This is not an excuse to look sloppy or like you don’t care. A man can look good even if he is only wearing sneakers, a white t shirt and jeans. The key is that everything is clean and neatly matches. This is the true meaning of casual.

Details make the man

One thing that men often miss when it comes to clothing is the small details that you can really make others notice if you know how. For example, your t shirt might have a slightly woven texture rather than just normal cotton. This is a great detail that you should be looking for in everything you buy as these can make an outfit stand out without being overly loud.

Make The Most Out Of Your Workout Using Gadgets The Right Way

Image via Flickr by richardha101

The internet offers dozens of reviews that can help you choose fitness gadgets that match your needs. Unfortunately, few writers take the time to explain how to get the most out of workouts. Simply using a device, after all, won’t make you healthier. If you want to reach a higher level of fitness, you need to know how to use your gadgets in the right ways. Follow these four tips to make sure all of your workouts matter.

Set Reasonable Targets

Getting more exercise is one of the best ways to improve your health. With the right mixture of cardiovascular and resistance routines, you can expect to shed fat and increase your muscle mass. These benefits, however, take time.

Unfortunately, some people think that they will see immediate improvements when they start exercising. The truth is that it can take several weeks or months before exercise makes you look healthier and more attractive. At most, you can expect to lose two pounds per week. In fact, you don’t want to lose weight faster than that since some studies show that rapid weight loss can cause depression, which makes it difficult for people to stay motivated.

If your fitness tracker shows that you’re advancing a bit too quickly, you should think about changing your exercise routine. Ideally, you want to see slow, gradual improvements. Quick results come with too many disadvantages.

Follow a Disciplined Schedule

Intermittent exercise may do some good for your health, but you need to follow a disciplined schedule to maximize your results. When left to your own devices, there is a good chance that you will slip into old, unhealthy habits. Many workout gadgets will let you create schedules that remind you when you need to hit the gym or go for a run.

Following a disciplined schedule means that you’ll need to exercise on some days that don’t cooperate with your plans. Having the right device will make the challenges a little easier. For instance, the Samsung Galaxy S7 offers enough water resistance that you can wear it in the rain. Once you have a water-resistant gadget, you lose one of your excuses to stay in. Plus, you can use the T-Mobile network to stay connected to the internet while you run. That means you can use the Galaxy S7 to stream music, track your performance, and set your route.

Log the Food You Eat

Getting into better shape takes more than exercise. You also need to eat a well-balanced diet with plenty of nutrients. There are plenty of apps that will help you log the food you eat. Kudolife is a great option because it gives you hundreds of healthful recipes that will help you reach your fitness goals. The app also lets you track the number of calories you consume. If you’ve never kept a food diary, you may be shocked by how many calories you eat in a day.

After tracking your diet for a week or two, you can start making adjustments that will help you shed unwanted pounds and improve your nutrition.

Participate in Competitions

Fitness gadgets can do wonders for beginning and experienced exercisers. Having detailed information about your performance will empower you to choose effective exercise and dietary plans. Gadgets cannot, however, give you the same level of motivation as competing against your peers.

Competition can play a crucial role in meeting your health goals. When you run your first 5K, you’ll notice that you draw inspiration from other joggers. Once you get into a rhythm with your pack, you carry each other to the finish line. It’s not that you want to win the race. It’s that you want to do as well as the people running at your fitness level.

The same is true for many other sports. Your gadget makes it possible to train effectively. Competitiveness and camaraderie add a new level of motivation that will push you beyond your boundaries.

Fitness gadgets have revolutionized the way that people get into better shape. Knowing how to use your gadgets properly, though, will make your workout plan even more effective.

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