Simple Fashion Tips For Men

Men are still learning to get fashion right and we are not quite at the point of mastery yet, but knowing the right things can help us to lead by example and show others the right way. Here are some tips that will truly help you to improve your style and avoid some common mistakes that no man should make, so read on to find out more.

Dress for the occasion

It is important to match what you are wearing to the situation you are in. For example if you are at a wedding you should wear a tie or bow tie, but don’t wear a suit to a casual date and a movie. It is perfect when you get the level of dress right, rather than being the under or overdressed guy.

Wear a denim shirt

The denim shirt has served men well since the inception of denim itself, this tried and true wardrobe staple is something that you can definitely use to dress up or dress down almost any outfit. My recommendation for denim shirts is of course to never ever wear them with matching jeans, this is just a bad idea and it doesn’t look good. Avoid this at all costs and if you are going for double denim, make sure you choose darker jeans and a lighter denim shirt.

Wear slim clothing

Slim clothing does not need to mean skin hugging tight, but rather a size and cut that fits to your body. In other words, clothes that fit you properly and can accentuate your best features. Women have been doing this well for a very long time! Do not, however, wear things that are too tight, not only are they not comfortable, but they look silly too.

Layer, layer, layer

Layering is a man’s best friend when it comes to creating interesting shapes and visuals with a man’s outfit. Therefore the well dressed man should always be layering to some extent. Layering not only looks good, but it is very practical for all types of weather. If you are too hot, you take a layer off and vice versa.

Match your shoe colour to your belt colour

This is one of the golden rules of mens fashion. If you are wearing black shoes, then you need to wear a black belt. There are no exceptions to this rule, ever!

Getting the perfect wedding photography



It is no secret that a good wedding photographer in Surrey or wherever you happen to be is one of the most important factors in getting the perfect wedding shots. This is a big factor but it is simply not enough to make the photos perfect and there are many things that you can do and think about before to add that extra edge to your photos. Read on to find out some of the secrets of the ideal wedding pictures.

Scout out the location

This is something that you have most likely done when you first booked the wedding venue, but probably isn’t fresh in your mind. The best advice here is to simply explore the venue again and think more about the most beautiful or interesting places where you could potentially take photos. If it is possible it is also a great idea to bring your photographer along for some creative vision, because he or she may have some great ideas for your particular location.

Don’t worry, be happy

Despite what anyone says being happy and carefree is one of the best ways to look your best in the photos, but also means that your special day is going to be as special as possible. When you are happy you naturally look your best and naturally will take the best photos possible without any forced smiles.

Don’t think of everything

It is a good idea to think up some poses or shots that you want to capture beforehand, but don’t be upset if this does not turn out the way that you want it to. Be open to the idea of some freestyle shots, because being natural is the key to great photos. On the day someone may simply come up with a great idea that will be fun for everyone to try, so simply remember that the wedding is about fun and nothing else!


This is a great way to come up with some great ideas for some shots that you want to capture. A great thing to do is to talk to your wedding photographer beforehand, because after all they are the expert and have probably been to countless weddings and can really give you some great creative influence.

Think of the details

Details are the most important part of any picture and wedding photos are no exception to this. Think about small but interesting details that you may want to capture, for example are the wedding bands being used have some interesting features. Perhaps you have a specific detail of the dress or suits that you know that the photographer can capture.

Organising your wardrobe

Now that the temperature has dropped it doesn’t mean that you should forget all about the clothes you wear during spring or summer. It’s the perfect opportunity to organise your summer clothes and make sure they are ready to rock as soon as summer and the sun hits our shores again.


Our wardrobes tend to be constantly changing with the seasons, and if you’re like me it tends to be a big mess all year round. Finding a particular piece of clothing can sometimes be a real mission because it’s buried under a mountain of clothes from the last season! Well, it really shouldn’t be like that, should it? So how do you get sorted and make sure you clothes are neatly stored away for when you need them next year?

Think before you get started

Before you start ripping through the storage process and piling everything into the bottom draw or in to a container, think about any pieces you don’t want to keep. There are surely some that aren’t of any use? These items you can get rid of straight away – donate them to charity, give them to friends or if they are too badly damaged throw them away. Don’t be too sentimental, because you will always be able to buy the latest new trends at great discounts with groupon next summer.

Start early

You should try to do your organising as soon and as early as you possibly can. Try to get ready close to the end of the season. Get rid of those things that don’t fit and sperating everything into what you need now and what you need next year.

Get labelling!

The best way by far to store clothes until next year is in plastic containers with labels on them – of course you can label the draws or sections or your hanging rail if you don’t use containers. You won’t need shorts during christmas, so you can keep a separate container just for the them, the same goes with this string vest that certainly have no place at winter time! If you are lucky enough to have a big dresser you might even be able to have it specifically laid out for your summer gear and then swap it over with the winter gear when the time comes.

It’s always good to get organised, you will be surprised how easier it becomes to find clothes and also how much you will de clutter your room!


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