5 Ways Technology Has Changed Travel


Technology is general is just changing so much and so quickly and this has extended to the ways that we now travel. Travel is now something that requires very little interaction and we are able to do a lot without actually talking to real people, which is a stark contrast to the now obsolete ways of doing things from the past. I decided to make this blog post to talk about how technology has changed the way that we all travel.


When we think about discounts in the past, usually these were deals organised with a real person, but this is truly something of the past. Now when we see a flight we can use things like coupon codes to provide discounts and there are even sites like My Voucher Codes, which are dedicated to all kinds of discounts.


Can you remember a time when you had to physically go to a travel agent or book a flight over the phone? This is something that has been changed forever due to the internet and booking comparison sites have become a major deal when it comes to finding flights and accommodation.  


Flights have changed forever and a lot of the time you don’t even need to physically check in. You can usually do this online and a day in advance, so there really is no rushing to get to the airport to wait in line to check in. There are also simplified bag drops that require very little interaction with people. Airports have adapted to this and many you can simply scan your digital boarding pass and head straight through security. This has made flying that much easier, with much less delays.  

Getting lost

It really is a different landscape when it comes to finding your way around different places. With smartphones equipped with GPS technology, it is very easy to navigate cities and countries that we have never been to before. There really is no excuse for getting lost now and this is in stark comparison to the typical image of a tourist walking around trying to navigate with a paper map.

Other transport

We already touched on booking sites and how they have affected travel. Another aspect of this is local transport, like trains, trams and buses. There are now websites and smartphone applications that allow you to precisely plan your journey by taking and combining different modes of transport to get you where you want to go. This has greatly helped tourists to get around faster and more efficient, allowing them to maximise the potential of their holidays.


With technological advancements occurring at a faster rate than ever experienced, it can be quite easy to quantify the ways in which technology has changed our lives. Increased connectivity, access to information and the ability to complete tasks in a quicker time period than ever before; these are the things we think of when we mull over technology’s influence over our lives, but tech’s influence on sport can be a lot harder to measure, especially to the layman. So how, and what, are the innovations impacting the sport world today?

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Super Textiles

Watch any game of sport from twenty years ago and one thing is very clear- kits and clothing used by sports people today are a far cry from the baggy, cotton vestments of yesteryear. It’s not just the tightness of clothing that has changed though, with amazing changes occurring in the very fabrics used in kits. Take 1st Round Athletics.

This Los Angeles-based sportswear company is pioneering fabrics that have embedded within them minerals such as carbon, aluminium and silver. These metals have been shown to improve the endurance and circulation of athletes, boosting levels of oxygen in the blood whilst resisting the adverse effects of sweat and odour. Utilising thermo-conductive minerals, the company is creating shirts that store energy that the body can later use, helping athletes attain new peaks of greatness! Bet you didn’t know clothes could do that!

Tech for Fans

With the rise of smartphones, fans all across the world can now access information and statistics related to their favourite teams, thus impacting that most exciting of pastimes relating to sport, wagering! The bookmaker Coral has recently released an app where fans can watch live games, make live bets and access all of the newest news relating to their favourite sports, thus making a pundit out of practically anyone!

Smart Gadgets

Wearable technology is a term being banded around at the moment in almost every technology-influenced sector, although it is in the world of sport than the effects will be most immediately felt. New companies such as Athos offer devices and tech-bolstered clothing that tracks the wearer’s heart rate, levels of muscle effort, levels of muscle fatigue, and can even offer insights into which muscle groups and bodily areas require more exercise. All of these statistics are, of course, viewable via a smartphone app.

5 Essential Gadgets for the Vacation Traveller

Travelling is about getting out of our comfort zones and experiencing something different, but there are certain things that we need to make the experience easier and less painless, after all the journey itself itself can be quite a task. We must remember that we can’t always be in luxury vacation home rentals with every amenity available to us. Here are some gadgets that will make your journey more seamless:

Mophie Space Pack for iPhone 5/5S

When travelling you will always need a phone charger to stay in touch with everyone at home. This device not only doubles the battery life of your iPhone, it also increases the data storage of your device by 32 gigabytes, the first device of its kind in the world. Perfect for taking and storing all those extra holiday snaps and when you don’t know when you will be able to charge your phone again.

Phiaton PS 20 NC Earphones (Noise Canceling)

Travel by plane can be quite a noisy experience, especially if you are sitting closer to the engines and this becomes quite fatiguing over longer periods of time. A solution to this is noise canceling earphones or headphones. The PS 20 NC by Phiaton are a good option because they are small and have the same technology found in larger and more expensive headphones, these also take AAA batteries, which are available everywhere.

SteriPEN Ultra

When in some countries it is unwise to drink the water from the tap, especially if there are few alternatives close by. The SteriPEN Ultra is a device that eliminates 99.9% of bacteria, viruses and protozor in drinking water in as little as 48 seconds. It uses a UV lamp to eliminate bacteria and a full charge is able to treat 100 0.5 litre batches or 50 1 litre batches.

FitBit Zip

When on holiday there is so much temptation to just sit around and enjoy your surroundings, food and alcohol that it may have an impact on your normal life when you get home. The FitBit Zip is a great way to track your activity over the span of your holiday, it keeps track of your steps, distance and calories burned. It also encourages you to set goals and challenge your friends and it seamlessly connects to your computer or smart phone for you to track the data.

Soundmatters DASH7 Portable Sound Bar

When you are at you are at your destination you can’t always have a quality sound system with you, however the Soundmatters DASH 7 is a Bluetooth speaker that you can take anywhere. It is one of the slimmest and lightest Bluetooth speakers around and can fit in your pocket with ease. With a battery life of up to 12 hours and power similar to a tweeter and a subwoofer in a small package, it is the perfect travel companion when you need some extra bass.






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