Find The Oldest One of All Casinos in This World

Most of the professional gamblers want to get different interesting things about various casinos. Though nowadays, many of them are playing online, the oldest traditional casinos are still quite superb. Since the historic age, casinos had been built up as a revenue source. Some of these oldest casino gaming centres are-

Casino di Venezia


This is a very old casino with its origin mainly in 1638, and this is situated only next to the Venetian canals. If you get into it, you may enjoy traditional architecture of Venice. Besides, the historical facts, related to the place, can also be felt.

It is said that this centre was originally designed only for the privileged class people in Venice. However, after almost hundred years, it became a casino. At present, this casino is giving pleasure to players with different games, like Chemin de Fer. So, enter this casino and feel the historic ambience.

Monte Carlo



It is also an oldest entertainment unit or a casino gaming centre. It is now run by one of the public corporation, where the government of Monaco has shown its interest. The elaborate gambling unit can be seen in many films of James Bond. It is possibly one of the outstanding structures.

Casino Weisbaden



If you have a trip to Germany or a resident of this country, you may have a look at this casino. Established in the year, 1810, this old casino site has classic interior parts and classy setting, which reflects the Greek tradition. Its design is timeless and is still a glorious architecture in the present century. Like any other casino, it also offers the games, like roulette and baccarat. This casino underwent a lot of modifications from the historical time to the present world.

Crockfords Club


In the UK, this casino was started in the year, 1828, and it was intended only for members. However, it was thought that the betting games were organized in the same place before the establishment. There is also a belief that the present day’s casino has its origin in this venue. The decoration is stylish and majestic to draw clients. There are not only personal rooms, but also the gaming areas for playing with higher stakes. Moreover, some major political resolutions have also been taken in Crockfords. Though there is online casino in UK, you may experience Crockfords.

Golden Gate


In Vegas, it is the oldest one. Though its name has been altered several times, the casino is of the ancient period. During the earlier period, the rate of its rooms was about one dollar per day. However, the only adverse point is that AC was not present in casino. If you want to play this time at Golden Gate, you can still get its historic mood.

Thus, these are some old casinos, which are continuously offering a pleasurable experience to the game lovers. With traditional environment, you can play the games comfortably. However, if you want online casinos, there are many sites which can provide useful news about most reliable gaming websites.



The Holiday Taxis team love Scandinavian cinema! Watching foreign films offers an interesting and easily accessible insight into the culture of the country. The Finnish people are a nation of storytellers and their films tend to be artistic and deeply moving with intricately woven plotlines and rich characters. If you are new to the world of Finnish cinema and want to expand your horizons, here are some fantastic Finnish films to feast on.

The Unknown Soldier
This is one of the most celebrated Finnish films and was made in 1955. The Unknown Soldier was taken from a popular novel and by Vaino Linna and follows the exploits of inexperienced soldiers in World War II as they are pushed to the front line and have to attack the troops of the Soviet Union with little training to draw from.

Inspector Palmu’s Error
Step aside Sherlock Holmes and Hercule Poirot because it is time to meet Inspector Palmu. This Finnish detective is called in to handle a delicate murder mystery when renowned tycoon is found dead in his bathtub and poses one of the most challenging mysteries in the crime genre; the legendary locked room mystery. 

Frozen Land
This film, which was released in 2005, focuses on the chain reaction that can be caused in society by one unpleasant event. When a school teacher loses his job, he punishes his son, who then uses counterfeit money to purchase a CD player. Before long events start to spiral out of control until it seems as though everyone who comes into contact with the father and son have their lives changed for the worse. 

Mother of Mine
Like many Finnish films, the subject of Mother of Mine is World War II and it focuses on the eviction of Finnish children from their homes to be sent to live with strangers throughout the duration of the war. One of the things that makes this film so touching and realistic is that the writer has clearly drawn from personal experience and the film is given a further personal touch by focusing on the trauma experienced by the nine year old boy Eero.

The Match Factory Girl
Another major theme in Finnish films is the separation of the different classes and the difficulty in breaking through class boundaries. Due to her demanding and low paid job in the local match factory, Iris is forced to live with her parents and has no real social life to speak of. Her lifelong struggle ad limitations are brought into focus when Iris becomes pregnant by a man who misuses her and she decides to take revenge on the man and the society that forces her to life in squalor with no clear way to improve herself or create a better life for her soon to be born child. 

Here, Beneath the North Star
In this 1968 film viewers are treated to a glimpse of the lives of people living in a small Finnish village before and during the Finnish civil war that took place back in 1918. 



If there’s one area of entertainment that’s shown itself to be relentlessly inventive, it’s the world of gaming. In just a couple of decades we’ve seen gaming go from the chunky two-dimensional platforming exploits of Mario, to some amazing virtual reality innovations and simulations of real-life experiences from sports games to live casino environments.

2016 looks to be the year that virtual reality gaming truly goes mainstream. So far we’ve already seen the likes of Oculus Rift go from being a hobbyist’s plaything to becoming a truly revolutionary piece of virtual reality gaming kit. Joining the brand in their innovative exploits are the likes of HTC’s Vive headset and Sony’s hugely-anticipated PlayStation VR device.


Although the PlayStation VR won’t be available until October 2016, it’s looking like it may usher in the first true wave of consumer-friendly virtual reality hardware, and there have already been some interesting VR gaming titles that promise to expand our humble perception of what a game really is.



Even away from the virtual reality gaming environment there have been other brands who have helped us all enjoy a more immersive gaming experience. For example, Coral’s live casino games feature a real-life dealer guiding the gameplay in real-time, and although many gamers may not know the difference between live casino and regular online casino games, it’s clear that this exciting new format has broadened the way that people can now play games of roulette, blackjack and poker.


Much of the new immersive gaming experience has been facilitated by some impressive pieces of technology that have certainly come a long way since the original primitive vibration-based Dualshock controllers for the PlayStation 2.



As many more people are switching to mobile devices for their gaming entertainment, it’s been interesting to see how smartphone technology is trying to adapt to gamers’ increasingly raised expectations. Already this month we’ve seen Lenovo trying to revive their fortunes through a mobile device that features the Google Tango augmented reality software.


But as ever, it’s going to be the fine balance between convenience and gaming complexity that will determine how 21st century gaming will go. Although companies like Virtuix Omni have certainly raised the bar on immersive VR entertainment with their virtual reality treadmills, until such brands are able to deliver a game as simple yet challenging as a humble casino game, they could be facing a difficult task in achieving true mainstream appeal.


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