Why you should head to Vegas for WSOP 2016

It’s not long now until the eyes of the poker world will be firmly trained on the Rio All-Suite Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. From May 31st to July 18th, the 47th World Series of Poker will be hitting the American city. Whether you fancy your chances are the Texas Holdem table, or prefer to watch the world’s best players at work, this is an event not to be missed by any self-respecting poker fan. Today we consider what the tournament has to offer and why you should book your ticket today…


Anyone can enter

It doesn’t matter who you are or what experience you have, if you want to, you can participate in the World Series of Poker, and win! The tournament’s “something for everyone” schedule includes cash games, daily deep stack tournaments, gold bracelet events, and cash games, which run for the whole 50 days of the event.


Huge variety of poker games

One thing that the World Series is known for is offering the widest variety of poker games on its packed schedule. What’s your tipple? Texas Holdem? Omaha, Stud, H.O.R.S.E? Whatever disciplines you can think of, the World Series has them.


Reasonable buy-ins

If you’re tempted but fear you wont be able to front the buy-in, fear not – at WSOP 2016, you’ll find buy-ins as low as $75. Plus for a buy-in of just $565, you can be in the running to win $1 million. These cash games begin on May 31st and run 24 hours a day for the duration of the tournament.


Exciting changes to the action

This year we will see payouts increasing to 15% of the field. This means that players will be able to reach the money far earlier than in previous years – even on Day One! As well as tweaks to the structure and start times, all of those entering the $10,000 buy-in events will be gifted with 50,000 starting chips.


With so much going on, the World Series of Poker 2016 looks set to be an incredible 50 days of competition, and fun. Why not book your ticket to join the action today?

Getting the perfect photo on your travels

With modern travel being more affordable and easily available we, unlike our predecessors, have ample opportunity to see parts of the world that they could only read or dream about. Retaining sold memories of our journeys is important and the modern camera is now so user friendly that we can record those memories to share with friends and family. We always want to preserve that glorious sunset, the secluded beach or that breathtaking countryside, all landscapes that are precious to us.

Screen Shot 2016-04-11 at 5.12.10 PM

To get the perfect shot is not possible even for the most gifted amateur so we tend to rely upon the professionals to make our memory just perfect.

Landscape Photography has become an important and very important art form over the last century. Most landscape subjects are taken in daylight from dawn to dusk that allows nature to dictate shapes, light and shadow; the weather conditions are also a very crucial aspect. All these diversities are vital to the final image.

When we think of landscapes we tend to imagine the likes of Turner and Constable, great artists who captured magnificent scenes in their own medium however today’s landscape photographer is an equally important recorder of for our changing world.

To be successful in landscape photography one must be technically aware of the ever-changing equipment required to make the perfect shot. Many factors are involved such as light and camera speed, shutter speeds and apertures just for a start. Then there are filters for image clarity and not least among the rapidly changing plethora of cameras on the market is the trusty tripod. By it’s own description landscape photography is never a level playing field so a good tripod is essential.

So buyer beware of the technical ability, patience, research and professional eye that the photographer ultimately provides to achieve the picture that now has pride of place in your home.



Business Trip To Bandung, Indonesia

There are certainly worse places to visit on business than Bandung. Bandung is actually a great city. As Indonesia’s third largest city, Bandung is located southeast of Jakarta. With an elevation of just over 750m it offers more pleasant weather than cities near the coast, making it a popular destination for weekend tourist from nearby towns.

With its many textiles and apparel factories, a large agricultural economy and a hub for education in the country, there is much business to be done Bandung. If you find yourself in the sprawling elevated city, surrounded by volcanic mountains while on business and aren’t sure what do to with what little time you have off, look no further. Here’s a guide on what to squeeze in while on business to Bandung


You’ll likely want to stay and keep rested in a modern hotel in Bandung. The entire city is surrounded by lush vegetation and striking mountains, be sure to ask for an outside facing view to see the cityscape as well as the landscape. The majority of hotels are equipped with wifi and business centre. Having a pool and a gym is a nice touch to your business trip.

Get Fitted

The city has dozens of shopping malls and, even more, pop up shops and Distros. Distros are shops that sell products made by locals. The individual designers don’t have their own label yet so they sell them in Distros. As a product or item become more popular they try to release it as a unique brand. There are now over 200 unique brand names in Bandung alone. The city is also a mecca for denim apparel with shops filling the streets along Jl. Cihampelas. If you are wanting more of a high-end shopping experience you can check out the stalls on Jl. Dago and Jl. Riau.


If you’ve had a stressful day and need to unwind the there are several rooftop bars with a fantastic ambiance and stunning views. If a massage treatment is more your style there are unlimited options to relax in a wide range of prices. If you have a little more time to meander check out the tea plantation walk, a short trail just outside the city near the Ciater Resort and Spa. The relaxing stroll will wow you with its tranquility and vibrant green landscapes. If you are feeling more adventurous you can visit the Tangkuban perahu volcano located just outside the city. The volcano is not active and it’s the only volcano in the country that you can walk right up to the rim of the crater. 


The city has a range of multi-national dishes to appease any appetite. Be sure to try some of the local Sundanese food, which typically consists of fish, raw vegetables and chili. A good place to sample a bit of everything is Burangrang Culinary Street on l Burangrang. Here you’ll find food stall and small restaurants from all around the world. Don’t worry if you need an upscale western hit too, there are plenty of your favorite chain and fast food restaurants in the area.


Top 4 Awesome Food Blogs To Follow In India

Well, for those who don’t k know this fact, let me tell you that food bloggers are now becoming the not-so-good or new restaurant critics, yet these are those who give us more powerful information about all things that are interesting pertaining to food. When you are not sure as to which is the best nearby restaurant to visit, how to avail Dominos coupons exclusive on pizzas, what are the best discounts on food, recipes and more, food blogs answer all your questions. With today’s extensive array of new food bloggers, we are lucky enough to get to know more about one of the most interesting things in this world – Food. Here are 4 of best Indian food blogs we have listed down based on the followers, excellent piece of content and their user experience.



Mother of 6-year old has been blogging for more than 5 years. Her appetizing blog, Applemint focuses on everything that’s related to food, fitness, photography, recipes and more. In simple words, she says here world revolves around 4Fs – Food, Family, Fitness & Fashion. The blog has a catchy title – better food and easy recipes. And as said, you will find an elusive range of posts across various categories such as desserts, drinks, baking, healthy and nutritious, places and travel, non-vegetarian, vegetarian and more.


Padhus Kitchen

Padhu creates simple, everyday recipes while ensuring to make the food really fantastic that fosters for a healthy way of living. Her blog focuses on healthy recipes, simple Indian dishes, traditional South Indian vegetarian recipes, cooking basics and more.She features incredibly easy-to-cook recipes along with step-by-step instructions and pictures. She has got a collection of over 800 delicious recipes on her blog.


Hooked On Heat

Hooked on Heat is an Indian inspired flavors blog founded by Meena. She takes most of her culinary inspiration from traditional Indian dishes and brings us recipes that are sure to tickle our taste buds. She splits her time between her blog posts and a new series called – “In the kitchen with…”, where she presents workshops in her designed kitchen and kitchens of various food personalities across the globe.


My Tamarind Kitchen

Blogger, full-time professional foodie, Sumayya Usmani features food, recipes, cooking styles that introduce all about Pakistani and Muslim heritage cuisine styles. As a recipe developer she highlights the exoticness of her county’s cuisine and enlightens her readers how different the cooking style is from Indian cuisine. Sumayya has been featured in a variety of newspapers, media blogs, TV shows and she has a fan base all over the world. Although, we are talking about Indian food bloggers, we thought to add this blog to the list because – most of her blog posts and photographs of the dishes that she creates are very much similar to Indian cuisines.



Electronic commerce is quickly gaining ground with new technology being constantly developed to help people make online purchases. The number of firms that now sell products or services on the internet is quickly growing. We can say that professional web development firms like https://www.magicdust.com.au/web-development/ are now in a high demand but why is that?

What do the web development companies bring in that is so valuable? This is the one question that most people do not know that much about. Unfortunately, a full answer is not that easy to hand out. There are countless new technologies that appear and you will definitely want to use what is perfect for your current needs.

Developing Intuitive And Effective Navigation

Out of the various different things that are really important for making a sale, the navigation of a website is the one thing that is not always considered. This is definitely a shame. You want to be sure that online navigation is as straightforward as possible. The really good web developers are going to use both main navigation and secondary navigation.

When talking about navigation we do not just mention the menu that you see on the top of most sites. We also refer to the other parts of a site that would lead the visitor towards another area. As an example, the related post section of an ecommerce website is really important and can drastically increase sales in the event that what is recommended is related and attractive.

Speeding Up Websites

Internet speeds are higher than they ever were. Because of this, the modern online shopper is now looking for the highest loading speed. Statistics show that the longer the site takes to load, the higher the possibility that the visitor will simply look for what they want somewhere else. Obviously, you do not want to be faced with something like this.

The experienced web developers are going to use different methods to increase page load speed. You will want to take advantage of this. In the event that you create something that is really great but that takes too long to load, problems are going to appear since conversion rates will be a lot lower than what they could be like.

The good news is that speeding up websites is not that difficult. For an experienced web developer it will be really simple. Everything is practically connected to the resources that are used by the site and how the coding is created. The best developers will be able to create a much shorter code, making it very easy to speed up sites.


The modern web developers know a lot about what has to be done in order to create something that is very good for the client. It is really important that you are focused on working with someone that can actually take advantage of the modern technology developed. As time passes, brand new technologies appear so web developers are forced to keep learning and adapting in order to deliver the very best possible products.



This summer, world number one Novak Djokovic will attempt to defend his Wimbledon title as he bids to win all four Grand Slam crowns in the same calendar year. In January, the Serbian defeated Andy Murray in straight sets to win the Australian Open and get 2016 off to the perfect start.


Next up for Novak is the French Open. Djokovic has never won the clay-based event and his previous misfortunes may play on his mind throughout the event. After all, this is the only Grand Slam that he is yet to win and the Serbian knows that a victory in this event will see him move one step closer to Roger Federer’s all-time record of 18 Grand Slam titles.


At the end of the day, Djokovic is the best player on the planet but even the top talents need help from officials at times and nowadays, the best official in tennis is no longer the umpire. It’s Hawkeye, the technological system that determines whether shots were in or out on the court. With so much at stake, both for the players and punters at online betting sites such as Betway, it’s crucial for the system to get decisions correct and it’s surely only a matter of time before the technology replaces line judges.


Ultimately, this technology can ensure that championships are not won and lost on individual errors. Hawkeye is incredibly accurate and gives players that added comfort of knowing they can refer to the technology if they believe the line call was incorrect. In each set, players are given three opportunities to challenge. Win and you keep all three challenges. Lose and you are down to two.


Hawkeye has played a key role in deciding Grand Slam competitions since 2002 and the technology has come on leaps and bounds since then. Originally, it was purely for in and out calls but nowadays, Hawkeye’s SMART Replay technology can be called upon to check for foot faults and close calls on the unforgiving clay court surface.


Given time, Hawkeye’s already accurate software will be exact and to the point. Tennis is one of the most technologically developed sports and both players and punters know this. In fact, online betting sites are now allowing punters to bet on various outcomes that directly correlate to this technology, such as speed of serve and amount of incorrect challenges.


Meanwhile, Betway are also trying to follow tennis’ example and now offer regular updates on live matches. These technological advancements allow punters to keep up with the game via their mobile or tablet device, without the need to watch the match. Furthermore, they are one of the few betting sites that accept Paypal – yet another innovative advantage served up by their development team.


This year, Hawkeye will once again be in use at Wimbledon as well as 79 other major tournaments around the world. The technology is almost an integral part of the sport nowadays and Novak Djokovic will be hoping it serves him well throughout the summer. If he performs at his best and gets his challenges correct, Hawkeye may aid the Serbian to yet another Grand Slam success.



One of the primary concerns of every person is to live a healthy life. Sickness, poor lifestyle habits, injury and stresses of everyday life are things we all experience that disrupt the delicate balance that is essential to vitality and wellness. Acupuncture is one of the most efficient time-tested methods for restoring a healthy balance. This approach has been used by different organizations around the world including the World Health Organization. Many people are suffering from different types of unknown disease and have spent a lot of their money trying to restore their health. You should stop wasting your money by trying things that are not beneficial to your body. Chicago Acupuncture is a cheap therapy that has been brought around you to ensure you get the best ‘alternative’ medicine that exists in the United States. Below is more information about Chicago Acupuncture.

Chicago Acupuncture is one of the prime Acupuncture dispensaries in Chicago. Recent researches have proven that the main reason people are not visiting health institution is because of the poor service delivery. This has made people seek alternative forms of treatment that are not beneficial to their health. Chicago Acupuncture has employed professional doctors who are trained on how to deliver the best customer care to ensure that you get well as soon as possible. You are also likely to get more information on how to live a healthy life free from the daily stresses. Such information is given free for some of their loyal clients. You are likely to get treatment from practitioners who have more than ten years’ medical experiences.

Chicago Acupuncture is excited to bring you the benefit of this safe, effective, drug-free form of therapy at the most affordable price. The primary goal of the institution is to ensure that their clients leave the clinics a better person that he/she come in. the medical practitioners will also advise you on a healthy living style that you need to practice. It also offers contacts where patients can get assistance in case of a problem.


Weekend camping in style – Cornwall

My girlfriend had suggested that we take a camping holiday in England, Cornwall to be precise. I must admit I wasn’t over enthusiastic about the idea, I’m more of a home comforts man. So while I was browsing the web for holidays in the resorts of South East Asia she had her own agenda and after a couple of weeks she came up with the idea of Glamping. I had never heard of the term Glamping although it’s been around in the U.K since 2005 an refers to glamorous camping. I soon warmed to the idea and we pooled our efforts into searching the web.


Her Great Grandfather had been a fisherman in Newquay and she wanted to research her family tree so we needed somewhere close to the popular resort. Her parents had stayed several times in a static caravan at a campsite in Goonhaven near Perranporth called the Perran Springs Holiday Camp so we looked it up and found exactly what we were looking for,the site offered tent and caravan pitches, eurotents and luxury static caravans but more importantly for me Glamping pods.

The pods are insulated wooden constructions and are double glazed, they come equipped with T.V and DVD player,kettle and cooler box,outside there is a decking and a barbecue stand where you can sit in the summer evenings and enjoy a meal and  a drink.

We booked on line and arrived late afternoon to a very friendly welcome and were shown to our pod which had it’s own parking space. After unloading  the essentials that you would need on a camping holiday minus the hassle of erecting a tent,at which I would have struggled,we took a shower. The shower block is so clean that it would put many a hotel to shame,a credit to the owners. The pods have electric sockets,so while my good lady played with her hair dryer and curling tongs I sat outside on the decking and enjoyed a couple of cold beers. We then, on the recommendation of the owners, drove to a nearby village and had very good meal at the pub.

The following day I spent strolling the nature trail and walking around the three fishing lakes on the 21 acre site while my better half sorted out the paperwork in preparation for her detective work. That evening we had barbecue accompanied by wine straight from the cool box. Perran Springs is ideally located and we easily located the church in Truro where her Great Grandfather had been born and it’s Parish records.

After our weeks stay I am a convert to Glamping and we are returning later in the year with two other couples for a proper holiday, I’ve just booked it on perransprings.co.uk. So remember to bring everything  you would need for a camping holiday, everything that is except the tent. To enjoy a Glamping pod in Cornwall I can’t over recommend Perran Springs, you never know we could meet up.

Here are the details for the Park:

Perran Springs Holiday Park
Cornwall, TR4 9QG
Email: info@perransprings.co.uk
Phone: +44 (0) 1872 540568

Ways to make side money in Hong Kong


Hong Kong is a wonderful city for so many reasons. Great food, activities, nightlife and people to name a few. Living in Hong Kong as an expat can be tough on the wallet though. While public transport and food can be reasonably priced, housing prices near that of Europe and North America’s most expensive cities. With so much to see and do in Hong Kong it’s always nice to have a little extra spending cash on the side. Here are some handy and fun ways to make that extra pocket change and not stress about the rent.



The city is big on education, both local and students coming to study from abroad. Hong Kong is constantly ranked as one of the best places to study in all of Asia. This mean that many students are looking to gain academic assistant in their studies. There are sites that make it simple to connect with students who are looking to grow their learning skills. If you have math, science, law, engineering, language or music skills – just to name a few – it’s worth looking into tutoring English in Hong Kong on the side. The money is good and it’s free to sign up as a tutor.



Working as a barman is renowned as an international trade. With such a large expat community there are many western pubs and lounges in Hong Kong. Often bars will seek a few foreigner barman to service the out of town clients. Working at a bar is great fun and can come with some big perks, often gaining access to gigs, events, and discounted bar rates. It’s a great job if you are looking to expand your social network. Since the whole pub and bar scene is based around socializing, it’s easy to make new friends and network within the city.


Be An Artist

There are hundreds of markets, parks and public spaces in Hong Kong. If you have a musical talent, are a performer, or can produce unique art, use that ability to gain some extra cash. Selling your handy-work at a night market or busking in Hong Kong harbor is an excellent way to showcase your talents and make a little cash at the same time. The friendly and international welcomes all sorts of street performances. If you have a talent you decided to show off you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the reaction of Hong Kongers.


What to cook on your tent stove


Camping is one of the greatest activities that a person can participate in in their life. It is a special experience that few people ever forget, but what about preparing the food that you need for your journey? This is a tricky issue and it varies greatly from person to person because of different preferences. This article will talk more about selecting the right food to cook on your tent stove.

The first things to think about

There are four main things to think about with the food that you take camping with you and these are:

  • The stove type you have – this will determine the type of food you can cook, for example a small backpacking stove is not designed to cook a lot of food and is usually for boiling and simmering only.
  • Your transport – if you are travelling by foot, naturally you want to carry food that is going to save space and on weight. If you are taking a car or four wheel drive vehicle then it may be possible to carry a wider range of options
  • Storage options for food – for those travelling by car or other vehicle it may be possible to carry a cooler and this dramatically improves the number of foods you can carry.
  • The amount of space and time you are going for – if you have very little room it will be difficult to carry certain types of food and the length of time will determine how much food you bring.

Foods you can cook

Here are some of the things that you can cook:

  • Pasta and other grains – this is a universal choice for all types of outdoor enthusiasts, because it is easy to store and cook.
  • Meat – a good choice but it is hard to cook with smaller stoves and it has to be stored properly in a cool environment or can only be used on the first day or night of a hike.
  • Soup – this is another classic choice for people going camping and comes in cans or in dried sachets. This is a good option because it is easy to cook with a number of vegetables, such as potatoes, carrots and celery.
  • Pancakes – pancake mix is a great option because it is easy to carry and makes a quick snack or meal.
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