Productivity Tools to Automate 3 Vital Business Functions

The internet is a battleground; a great war of aspiring entrepreneurs and small businesses trying to make their mark. But only the very brave survive. Because statistics prove that 90% of small businesses fail.

And one of the greatest reasons for failure is a lack of business skills, and under this umbrella falls efficiency. Research by Huffington Post reports that the small businesses who succeed are scaling their efforts by automating tasks. In fact, it is expected that small businesses who incorporate marketing automation for instance, will grow substantially in the immediate future.

If you want to win the war and dominate your competitors online, you need to pay attention to these three business functions and the productivity tools that can be used for better efficiency and management in time-heavy processes like marketing, billing and measuring:

#1: Marketing

Marketing is the foundation of your business. You can offer the best product or service, but if no one knows about it, your business will fail. And if you don’t keep selling whatever you’re selling, you will close your doors.

To anchor and stabilize your business for growth, your marketing efforts need to connect you with the resources, businesses and people you are trying to reach.

It is communication which is vital to building trust and business relationships, and for that end you can use an online meeting software like ClickMeeting.

Not only can you use this productivity tool to save travel time and the costs of hosting offline meetings and conferences, but you can also use it for staff training and to provide value to your target audience in the form of presentations and webinars.


ClickMeeting provides software that boasts these top features:

  • File and screen sharing
  • Whiteboard presentations
  • Video recording and viewing
  • Web based and Android app
  • Integrations with Google Apps and Twitter

#2: Billing

If you’re a service based business or bill according to time, you’re going to want to find out more about WorkflowMax which automates workflow and job management.

On their website, they boldly state that, “A recent survey showed that on average, we save each of our customers 628 hours of time and $22,000 every year”. 628 hours of time per year, per customer? Think what you could do with that time…

WorkflowMax handles everything from A – Z with regards to pre-sales and billing. As such, this productivity tool is most often used in creative, marketing, architecture, business, engineering, consulting, IT, building, and construction industries.


Some of WorkflowMax’es primary features are:

  • Quoting templates
  • Generating quotes
  • Timesheets and job management
  • Project management and collaboration
  • Job costing
  • CRM
  • Tracking leads, proposals and sales

#3: Measuring

51% of small business marketers say that measuring is exceptionally important to better understand customer journeys. And marketing, especially online, is all about the customer journey. But it is all too easy to become frustrated with the copious amounts of data you must sift through, all the places you must visit, and the countless switching of sites. Just as important as expansion itself, monitoring and measuring your progression as well as information collection, is often the most daunting and time wasting saga for the entrepreneur and small business owner. But it’s one business function that has to be done if you want to understand what’s working, and what’s not. With the business dashboard Cyfe, you can save time and effort. And your nerves. The Cyfe app is used to analyze and track data from other online applications and software.


Image Credit: TechnologyAdvice

It goes without saying that it gives you a view of Google Analytics and your social media accounts, but with this productivity tool, everything is in one place, even Gmail, Google calendar and PayPal.

Nuff said. But there is more…it’s top features also allow the following:

  • Competitor research
  • Dashboard sharing so clients can also have a view
  • Can be viewed in TV mode for teams
  • View data for any date range


There you have it. Three exceptional online productivity tools that can be used to significantly reduce your time in three of the most time consuming business areas:

  1. Marketing
  2. Billing
  3. Measuring

Tasks in these business functions may not be your core business, but they are key to the sustainability and growth of your company.


Designing a Mobile Travel App – What Do You Need to Get Started?

Mobile devices have taken over the world and shaped it in interesting ways. Regardless of use or location – from flip phones with internet access in sub-Saharan Africa to tablets with large screens for streaming movies – these devices have changed the nature of communications and information. With the dawn of more affordable, versatile mobile phones and devices there has been an explosion in the world of mobile apps, which provide access to entertainment, information, shopping and a variety of other needs and desires.


Royalty free photo

Many travelers use apps when on vacation or when planning a trip. If you’re looking to build an app that is designed with travelers in mind, then here is what you’ll need to get started.

Mobile App Development Software

The first and perhaps biggest challenge in building a mobile app is finding a platform through which it can be built. Many people rely on developers to do the hard work for them, but this can be costly. If you have the experience and know-how to build your own apps from scratch, then you’ll want to look at solutions like Xamarin Development Software or AppMachine. Professional development software makes it possible for brands and individuals to construct apps that are cross-platform compatible (works on both Android and iOS devices) that provide plenty of visual stimulation, complex databases and interactive features.

A Problem and a Solution

Many of the most successful apps in existence became so popular for one common reason: the developers identified a problem that needed to be solved, and the app helped solve it. Ideally, your mobile travel app will look at addressing at least one of the common problems travelers face, and will provide a way to solve it. Whether you decide to look at the hassle of booking flights, accommodations and other amenities, or you opt to solve challenges in finding the best spots for entertainment, be sure to keep your focus relatively narrow and address a problem nobody else has so far.

Test Groups

As you begin to build a mobile app bit-by-bit, you’ll want to be able to test its features, compatibility, functionality and other aspects. Many developers create several beta versions of their apps in order to learn from users and figure out what works best. Once you’ve created a working version of your app, you’ll want to have several people get together and use your app. This will allow you to obtain important feedback on what can be improved or added. Likewise, furious brainstorming sessions that you’ll undoubtedly have in order to decide which features and functions to include can be improved by focus groups with consumers. You’ll be able to save some time during development by finding out what people expect out of your app.

In order to create a successful mobile app, you’ll want three basic things: a group of people to help you with beta-testing and brainstorming, an outlined problem that can be solved, and quality mobile development software. With these elements in place, the rest is relatively easy to accomplish!

5 Reasons To Go On A Sports Tour


Going on a sports tour can be a truly enriching experience. Cricket tours and other sports can be a great opportunity to discover another country and build some lifelong memories. Here are some great reasons to get out on a sports tour.

They save time

Coordinating a lot of activities can be quite stress and very difficult for somebody that may not have the experience, let alone in a foreign country or place! When you go on a tour everything is organised for you, this includes things like meals, accommodation, transport and even games. Going on a tour ensures that you have a professionally run experience that will allow you to forget everything and simply enjoy the sport and foreign place.

They are cheaper

Sports tours are of course cheaper, when you have an experienced organisation you are also gaining access to much better pricing. These experts are dealing with accommodation providers, airlines, restaurants and many more people on a daily basis and can give you the best price. It would be much more expensive to book everything yourself.

You can stay together

One of the biggest advantages of a sport tour is that it is possible for you and your friends to stay together. Imagine booking plane tickets and then realising that only 8 people can go on a flight rather than 15. This makes it very hard to coordinate everything and will mean that you may need to book everything twice.

Better tickets

We talked about how connected sports tour providers are, they can also give you access to the best seats at sporting events. More often than not you and your friends will have your own designated seating area, so it is also possible to be all together and experience perhaps some of the best moments of your life together.

Experience your favourite sport in another country

Probably the best part of a sports tour is discovering sport in another country and the subtle differences compared to your own country. It is without any question that sport unites us all in one of the rawest and best ways possible, especially with mateship, sportsmanship and competition. In fact you may even learn something new from being on a sports tour!

Things To Do In Cornwall


Cornwall is without a doubt one of the best holiday destinations in all of the UK, it doesn’t matter if you are in one of the many holiday cottages in Polzeath or in a tent, there is just so much to do and see. This guide will talk a little bit more about just a few of the great things that are possible in Cornwall.

Tintagel Castle

What is better than the remains of a medieval castle? The answer is nothing and Tintagel Castle to not disappoint. This medieval fortification on Tintagel Island is a well known tourist attraction and has been attracting visitors since the middle of the 19th century. The castle was built by Richard the Earl of Cornwall during the 13th century, and offers stunning views from the high cliffs. The castle is also believed by many people to be connected to the Arthurian legends (King Arthur) and is said to even be the castle of the king. Nothing is for certain, except for the stunning views and amazing architecture.

The Eden Project

This is a very interesting part of Cornwall that makes it truly unique and a site like this probably doesn’t exist anywhere else in the world on the same scale. The Eden Project are two huge domes that house thousands and thousands of plant species. Each dome has its own theme and there is even a botanical garden that surrounds the domes. In this garden you can find plants native to Cornwall and Britain. This unusual, but exciting site has become a major tourist attraction, as well a world class education and conservation project.

Food and Drink

Cornwall although perhaps not as well known as it should be, is certainly well known for the delicious ales and pasties, that have become world famous. The Cornish cuisine is one of the highest regarded of all regional cuisines in Britain and there really is no secret why. The nature and fresh regional produce are used to create the best beers, pies and other fish dishes.

The Lizard

The Lizard is home to the most southerly point in Britain and is a small peninsula in Southern Cornwall. The peninsula has a very high reputation for the number of rare plants that are not found in other locations and is widely considered by many to be one of the most scenic and special places in all of the United Kingdom. The geology is also a huge drawcard for the area.


If there’s one area of entertainment that’s shown itself to be relentlessly inventive, it’s the world of gaming. In just a couple of decades we’ve seen gaming go from the chunky two-dimensional platforming exploits of Mario, to some amazing virtual reality innovations and simulations of real-life experiences from sports games to live casino environments.

2016 looks to be the year that virtual reality gaming truly goes mainstream. So far we’ve already seen the likes of Oculus Rift go from being a hobbyist’s plaything to becoming a truly revolutionary piece of virtual reality gaming kit. Joining the brand in their innovative exploits are the likes of HTC’s Vive headset and Sony’s hugely-anticipated PlayStation VR device.


Although the PlayStation VR won’t be available until October 2016, it’s looking like it may usher in the first true wave of consumer-friendly virtual reality hardware, and there have already been some interesting VR gaming titles that promise to expand our humble perception of what a game really is.



Even away from the virtual reality gaming environment there have been other brands who have helped us all enjoy a more immersive gaming experience. For example, Coral’s live casino games feature a real-life dealer guiding the gameplay in real-time, and although many gamers may not know the difference between live casino and regular online casino games, it’s clear that this exciting new format has broadened the way that people can now play games of roulette, blackjack and poker.


Much of the new immersive gaming experience has been facilitated by some impressive pieces of technology that have certainly come a long way since the original primitive vibration-based Dualshock controllers for the PlayStation 2.



As many more people are switching to mobile devices for their gaming entertainment, it’s been interesting to see how smartphone technology is trying to adapt to gamers’ increasingly raised expectations. Already this month we’ve seen Lenovo trying to revive their fortunes through a mobile device that features the Google Tango augmented reality software.


But as ever, it’s going to be the fine balance between convenience and gaming complexity that will determine how 21st century gaming will go. Although companies like Virtuix Omni have certainly raised the bar on immersive VR entertainment with their virtual reality treadmills, until such brands are able to deliver a game as simple yet challenging as a humble casino game, they could be facing a difficult task in achieving true mainstream appeal.


Planning The Perfect Machu Picchu Trip


When looking for some quality South America Travel time, Machu Picchu cannot be matched in terms of its pure beauty and status as a wonder of the world. This guide will hopefully help you to find out a bit more about how to approach your next trip to Machu Picchu and the Inca Trail and how to get the most out of it.


How to travel

There are a number of Machu Picchu Tour options to choose from, but it is also possible to do it alone. I would personally recommend a tour because it is much cheaper and the stresses of organising everything are taken away and you can focus more on making the trek to Machu Picchu (it will take some fitness and determination to conquer the Inca trail). It is possible to hire porters to help lighten the load on your trip, it is advisable to pay porters a fair wage and really engage with them and this will only add to the experience.



The period between July and August is certainly the busiest and this is naturally the peak tourist season and it is much drier during this season. At most times of the year you will experience some form of mist or rain in the Andes, particularly due to the high altitude. Between November and April is the rainy season and actually going during November and April can be perfect, especially if you want to avoid the peak tourist season and the rain.

How far

The Inca trail is relatively short at just over 40km long, but don’t let this fool you. The high altitude and up and down landscape can really take its toll. It is important to do some training before you go and make sure that you have an adequate level of fitness. You should give yourself a final test of fitness before you go, perhaps in the form of a long and hilly walk in your local area.

When you get there

Probably the best tip when you are there is to get on the trail early, most tour groups will be arriving after 11am and therefore it is best if you can get out before them. The morning light will also be ideal for taking photographs, so keep that in mind when deciding when to embark on your walk.   

What to see

Naturally the trail offers some extremely beautiful sights of the surrounding highlands. When you reach the 500 year old citadel it will certainly be a sight that you cannot believe and it will be truly breathtaking, for the view and also the altitude which is over 2400 metres above sea level.. Some of the highlights of the mountain are the Inti Watana, the Room of the Three Windows and the Temple of the Sun. Once you get there it should naturally be simple just to walk and explore everything that you desire.

Why you should head to Vegas for WSOP 2016

It’s not long now until the eyes of the poker world will be firmly trained on the Rio All-Suite Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. From May 31st to July 18th, the 47th World Series of Poker will be hitting the American city. Whether you fancy your chances are the Texas Holdem table, or prefer to watch the world’s best players at work, this is an event not to be missed by any self-respecting poker fan. Today we consider what the tournament has to offer and why you should book your ticket today…


Anyone can enter

It doesn’t matter who you are or what experience you have, if you want to, you can participate in the World Series of Poker, and win! The tournament’s “something for everyone” schedule includes cash games, daily deep stack tournaments, gold bracelet events, and cash games, which run for the whole 50 days of the event.


Huge variety of poker games

One thing that the World Series is known for is offering the widest variety of poker games on its packed schedule. What’s your tipple? Texas Holdem? Omaha, Stud, H.O.R.S.E? Whatever disciplines you can think of, the World Series has them.


Reasonable buy-ins

If you’re tempted but fear you wont be able to front the buy-in, fear not – at WSOP 2016, you’ll find buy-ins as low as $75. Plus for a buy-in of just $565, you can be in the running to win $1 million. These cash games begin on May 31st and run 24 hours a day for the duration of the tournament.


Exciting changes to the action

This year we will see payouts increasing to 15% of the field. This means that players will be able to reach the money far earlier than in previous years – even on Day One! As well as tweaks to the structure and start times, all of those entering the $10,000 buy-in events will be gifted with 50,000 starting chips.


With so much going on, the World Series of Poker 2016 looks set to be an incredible 50 days of competition, and fun. Why not book your ticket to join the action today?

Getting the perfect photo on your travels

With modern travel being more affordable and easily available we, unlike our predecessors, have ample opportunity to see parts of the world that they could only read or dream about. Retaining sold memories of our journeys is important and the modern camera is now so user friendly that we can record those memories to share with friends and family. We always want to preserve that glorious sunset, the secluded beach or that breathtaking countryside, all landscapes that are precious to us.

Screen Shot 2016-04-11 at 5.12.10 PM

To get the perfect shot is not possible even for the most gifted amateur so we tend to rely upon the professionals to make our memory just perfect.

Landscape Photography has become an important and very important art form over the last century. Most landscape subjects are taken in daylight from dawn to dusk that allows nature to dictate shapes, light and shadow; the weather conditions are also a very crucial aspect. All these diversities are vital to the final image.

When we think of landscapes we tend to imagine the likes of Turner and Constable, great artists who captured magnificent scenes in their own medium however today’s landscape photographer is an equally important recorder of for our changing world.

To be successful in landscape photography one must be technically aware of the ever-changing equipment required to make the perfect shot. Many factors are involved such as light and camera speed, shutter speeds and apertures just for a start. Then there are filters for image clarity and not least among the rapidly changing plethora of cameras on the market is the trusty tripod. By it’s own description landscape photography is never a level playing field so a good tripod is essential.

So buyer beware of the technical ability, patience, research and professional eye that the photographer ultimately provides to achieve the picture that now has pride of place in your home.



Business Trip To Bandung, Indonesia

There are certainly worse places to visit on business than Bandung. Bandung is actually a great city. As Indonesia’s third largest city, Bandung is located southeast of Jakarta. With an elevation of just over 750m it offers more pleasant weather than cities near the coast, making it a popular destination for weekend tourist from nearby towns.

With its many textiles and apparel factories, a large agricultural economy and a hub for education in the country, there is much business to be done Bandung. If you find yourself in the sprawling elevated city, surrounded by volcanic mountains while on business and aren’t sure what do to with what little time you have off, look no further. Here’s a guide on what to squeeze in while on business to Bandung


You’ll likely want to stay and keep rested in a modern hotel in Bandung. The entire city is surrounded by lush vegetation and striking mountains, be sure to ask for an outside facing view to see the cityscape as well as the landscape. The majority of hotels are equipped with wifi and business centre. Having a pool and a gym is a nice touch to your business trip.

Get Fitted

The city has dozens of shopping malls and, even more, pop up shops and Distros. Distros are shops that sell products made by locals. The individual designers don’t have their own label yet so they sell them in Distros. As a product or item become more popular they try to release it as a unique brand. There are now over 200 unique brand names in Bandung alone. The city is also a mecca for denim apparel with shops filling the streets along Jl. Cihampelas. If you are wanting more of a high-end shopping experience you can check out the stalls on Jl. Dago and Jl. Riau.


If you’ve had a stressful day and need to unwind the there are several rooftop bars with a fantastic ambiance and stunning views. If a massage treatment is more your style there are unlimited options to relax in a wide range of prices. If you have a little more time to meander check out the tea plantation walk, a short trail just outside the city near the Ciater Resort and Spa. The relaxing stroll will wow you with its tranquility and vibrant green landscapes. If you are feeling more adventurous you can visit the Tangkuban perahu volcano located just outside the city. The volcano is not active and it’s the only volcano in the country that you can walk right up to the rim of the crater. 


The city has a range of multi-national dishes to appease any appetite. Be sure to try some of the local Sundanese food, which typically consists of fish, raw vegetables and chili. A good place to sample a bit of everything is Burangrang Culinary Street on l Burangrang. Here you’ll find food stall and small restaurants from all around the world. Don’t worry if you need an upscale western hit too, there are plenty of your favorite chain and fast food restaurants in the area.


Top 4 Awesome Food Blogs To Follow In India

Well, for those who don’t k know this fact, let me tell you that food bloggers are now becoming the not-so-good or new restaurant critics, yet these are those who give us more powerful information about all things that are interesting pertaining to food. When you are not sure as to which is the best nearby restaurant to visit, how to avail Dominos coupons exclusive on pizzas, what are the best discounts on food, recipes and more, food blogs answer all your questions. With today’s extensive array of new food bloggers, we are lucky enough to get to know more about one of the most interesting things in this world – Food. Here are 4 of best Indian food blogs we have listed down based on the followers, excellent piece of content and their user experience.



Mother of 6-year old has been blogging for more than 5 years. Her appetizing blog, Applemint focuses on everything that’s related to food, fitness, photography, recipes and more. In simple words, she says here world revolves around 4Fs – Food, Family, Fitness & Fashion. The blog has a catchy title – better food and easy recipes. And as said, you will find an elusive range of posts across various categories such as desserts, drinks, baking, healthy and nutritious, places and travel, non-vegetarian, vegetarian and more.


Padhus Kitchen

Padhu creates simple, everyday recipes while ensuring to make the food really fantastic that fosters for a healthy way of living. Her blog focuses on healthy recipes, simple Indian dishes, traditional South Indian vegetarian recipes, cooking basics and more.She features incredibly easy-to-cook recipes along with step-by-step instructions and pictures. She has got a collection of over 800 delicious recipes on her blog.


Hooked On Heat

Hooked on Heat is an Indian inspired flavors blog founded by Meena. She takes most of her culinary inspiration from traditional Indian dishes and brings us recipes that are sure to tickle our taste buds. She splits her time between her blog posts and a new series called – “In the kitchen with…”, where she presents workshops in her designed kitchen and kitchens of various food personalities across the globe.


My Tamarind Kitchen

Blogger, full-time professional foodie, Sumayya Usmani features food, recipes, cooking styles that introduce all about Pakistani and Muslim heritage cuisine styles. As a recipe developer she highlights the exoticness of her county’s cuisine and enlightens her readers how different the cooking style is from Indian cuisine. Sumayya has been featured in a variety of newspapers, media blogs, TV shows and she has a fan base all over the world. Although, we are talking about Indian food bloggers, we thought to add this blog to the list because – most of her blog posts and photographs of the dishes that she creates are very much similar to Indian cuisines.


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