/Summer Family Vacation Destinations

Summer Family Vacation Destinations

Summer isn’t all that far away. Before we know it the temperatures will be warming up and flowers will be blooming with the crisp aroma of spring air. The short, dark days will soon turn into long warm one. Which means it’s a perfect time now to start planning for a summer family vacation. It’s always exciting to begin to plan your summer vacations and were you and the children can make lasting memories.


If you’re not sure where or what to do with the family this summer then check out these destinations and what they offer.


The continental the United States has so much to offer for a family vacation. The great American road trip is a memorable and cost-effective way of soaking up the diverse feel of each of the 48 states. There are so many highlights to choose from. Ranging from the great national parks scattered around the country to the shocking amount of amusement parks. A family visit to Universal Studios or Disney land is a sure way to make the kids have a vacation they won’t soon forget. The US also boasts some of the best capital cities in the world, each having its own unique energy.



Europe in the summer is hard to beat. There is so much history, culture and delicious gastronomy all within a relative proximity to one another. The borderless travel throughout a large majority of Europe makes it simple to visit many destinations hassle free. While the main attractions in Europe get very busy in the summer it is still well worth seeing iconic structures like the Eiffel tower, leaning tower of Pisa and Big Ben to name a few. Europe also has a ton of beautiful coastline. France, Spain, Portugal, Greece and Italy all have a lovely seaside town to soak up the culture and sun.



The great white north actually becomes the great outdoor capital of the world in the summer. With more mountains, forest and lakes than could be discovered in a lifetime, Canada makes the perfect destination for a family who is looking for a more outdoor experience for a holiday. With many provincial and national parks camping is a breeze. Whether you tent or have a camper van Canada is a breath of fresh air and hiking to the top of a mountain or water skiing on one of the great lakes is something the family won’t soon forget.