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British Columbia

British Columbia is a province situated in the southwestern part of Canada bordering the United States. While many think that going above the border into Canada is a chilly and daring experience, you’d be surprised to find all that British Columbia has to offer, geographically and weather friendly! If you’re interested in visiting BC or anywhere else in Canada just be sure to check the Air Canada vacations travel offers!

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Here are some fun facts and trivia about this beautiful province!

BC is the only area in Canada that has the longest frost-free periods! Thanks to mostly mild temperatures related to the maritime climate, flowers are often in full bloom, with as early blossoming start as the month of February in the southwestern region of the province. With the hottest summers and the softest winters, BC makes a great location for all seasons!

BC’s land base is nearly two-thirds of pure forest land, with more than half having little to no human contact. This provides the perfect grounds for nature seeking, adventure lovers galore!
BC, surprisingly, is nearly four times the size of Great Britain, and larger than any USA statze, excluding Alaska. There are only 31nations in the world larger than BC. Wow!

With all that land you would think there’d be quite a population but interestingly enough, BC’s population is just over 4.5 million people

Vancouver, a city in British Columbia, is considered one of the youngest cities in the world and actually competes with LA and New York for the most film making. It is also known as ‘Hollywood North!’

BC is the most biologically diverse province in Canada. It is home to more than half of Canada’s wildlife and fish species. In addition, it is also the most ecologically diverse province with its mixture of temperate rainforests, dry pine forests, alpine meadows, and even a desert!
The Kermode bear is a rare and genetically unique species of the Black Bear. It is so rare that it is only found in the central and northern coastal rainforests. The Kermode Bear, aka the “Spirit Bear”, is a black bear with white fur. Estimated at merely less than 400 left, it is a praised animal to the locals of its region.

BC is dominated by 10 main mountain ranges varying from the Purcell Mountains, to the Rocky Mountains, to the Selkirk Mountains, Monashee Mountains, Cariboo Mountains, Coast Mountains, Cassiar Mountains, Queen Charlotte Mountains, St. Elias Mountains, and the Vancouver Island Ranges. So many areas of playtime for snowboarders and snow skiers alike!

Everyone that thinks of Canada and waterfalls thinks of Niagra. How about a waterfall that’s over eight time the height of Niagra? The Della Falls is the highest waterfall in Canada which towers about 1,444 feet into the air, or should I say down? Either way you look at it, it is a beautiful waterfall for all to see!

BC is home to one of the top three cranberry and blueberry producing regions in the entire world! Canada’s largest working cattle ranch, Douglas Lake Ranch, and has over 500,000 acres with cattle herd up to around 20,000. Holy cow, no pun intended.