/London’s Dating Trends

London’s Dating Trends

It can be tough keeping up with all the latest dating trends, especially if you’ve been out of the dating scene for a while. If you’ve got to put yourself back into the dating game, then why not do it in London? It’s such a vibrant and innovative city, I am sure you’ll be able to find some great things to do.

Here are some of the best places for you to head to for a date – we guarantee you won’t go wrong with these places:

Coppa Club

We all have met someone that you really like, so much so that you just want to cuddle up next to them, in a place that feels special and like your own piece of paradise. Well, Coppa Club is just the place for you. It’s got some of the best bars you’ll ever see and areas that have the most amazing views of the Thames. But the real reason for going to the club is to sit out on the terrace, in the pods with comfy throws, candle light and rugs, it’s the perfect recipe to allow you both to snuggle up with that special someone under the stars. London is a very built up town, so when you can find dreamy and swoon spot it’s a real treasure. I wouldn’t be surprised if you see people proposing to one another and others whispering sweet nothings all night long.


Now calm down, the name is not as crazy as it might seem. Swingers is the best place in the whole of London for crazy golf, it marries top notch crazy golf and a sophisticated high class bar. The course has been inspired by old school golf designs and also has mouth watering street food, it is the ideal place to hit a few balls and really get to the know your date – you will really get to know them and their competitive spirit when you sink the ball in one before they do.

Sing Along Cinema

One of the things you have to realise when dating is that the person you’re on a date with has some flaws and is certainly not perfect. What better way to do this that a Sing Along cinema night? The nights are held at the Prince Charles Cinema, they are now famous around the world. You can expect to watch Grease, The Sound of Music and other classics when you visit. You’ll find out pretty soon if your date from Foxy Babes London can sing just like fraulein Maria or may has the notes of Danny Zuko – it’s a guaranteed great night out!