/Why Camping is The Perfect Family Holiday Idea

Why Camping is The Perfect Family Holiday Idea

Whilst my family and I love nothing more than heading off on a sunny break to a foreign country, the very best vacations that we have taken over the last few years have been camping trips. Whether it is the Yorkshire dales, the Scottish Highlands or discovering some of the best campsites in Cornwall, we just love to pack up the tent and head off for some new and exciting adventures. If you haven’t taken the family camping before then I really would urge you to consider it for your next trip, and here are just a few reasons why I know that you and the family will simply love this way of traveling.


The first thing to note is that camping is almost always cheaper than any other type of break. Usually your costs, aside from what you actually do when you are there, will include the pitch in the campsite, and some supplies such as food and water, that’s it. The price of a camping holiday pales in comparison to any other kind of break which you may be thinking about, taking the pressure off the cost of a family break.


Something which I am always very keen to teach my kids is how to enjoy nature, building rope swings, climbing trees and discovering weird animals and plants. Unfortunately however we live in a world where parents don’t feel too safe letting their kids go jaunting around, so this is the best time and place to teach them the joys that many of us had growing up.

Switching Off

Whilst the kids head out into nature to enjoy themselves, parents can enjoy some peace and quite in the heart of nature, far from their daily lives. There is something so incredibly relaxing about getting away from noise and setting yourself down in the middle of nowhere, with nothing to do, and nowhere to go.

Family Time

Family time is something which many of us wish we had more of, yet home life rarely presents us with an opportunity to really sit down and talk as a family. When you are in a situation like camping however, where there is little to do and plenty of time together, you can reconnect as a family and spend some real quality time with your partner and your kids.


Campsites are usually set well away from the world, hidden away in forests and places which are generally off-piste. In these locations you can almost always find a huge amount of activities to indulge in from mountain biking to archery, caving to hiking and several other wonderful backwoods activities which the whole family will enjoy. Camping is the ultimate holiday choice for any family that is looking to spend quality time together, and have a great deal of fun whilst they do.

I wanted to share a campsite which we used in Cornwall recently, which was absolutely perfect for families.

Perran Springs Holiday Park