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We All Love Social Media

I asked my friend Paul Hurdsfield yesterday if he noticed, as I have, that wherever I turn people seem to be on their phones using social media – his answer was what I expected, he experiences exactly the same thing.

Now, we were not complaining because me and Paul Hurdsfield both use social media a lot, especially when we’re traveling. Then we got to thinking, what are the main reasons that people love social media? Of course we came up with hundreds of suggestions, but here are 3 which I think apply to the majority of people.

Passes The Time

It seems that these days a lot of us are having to commute for at least an hour each day to and from work, usually it’s on a busy train or bus and you don’t have the chance to look out the window. So instead of staring at the back at someone’s head you can chat to your friends or see what they’re up to. The same goes for traveling around the world, when you have a long journey it is the ideal opportunity to upload pictures.

It’s Fun

I know I have spent many an hour laughing my head off at funny videos on my newsfeed or checked up on my favourite IG page which always posts awesome videos. It is also fun reading through some twitter feeds such as Donald Trump and Boring James Milner (a personal favourite of mine!). We all need a good laugh these days and social media can do give that to you.

Stay In Touch

The best way to keep in touch with friends and family is through social media. You can be anywhere in the world, just so long as you have an internet connection, you can call home and even video call which is always more special for everyone. I love traveling on a long journey, having hours to kill and chatting away to everyone back home – having a chat with your loved ones always perks you up and it also keeps them happy knowing that even your thousands of miles away you’re thinking of them.

What do you think guys? What are the main reasons you love social media? Please let us all know by sharing your opinions in the comment section below.