/Best Holidays for Family Reunions

Best Holidays for Family Reunions

This year my extended family are planning a reunion that combines the fun and adventure of travelling as a group and connecting while seeing the world. It’s an exciting and memorable way to reconnect and catch up while making lasting memories. We have done it in the past and it’s been a major success. So this year we are planning on once again embarking on the family adventure of a lifetime.

These types of trips take some very careful planning and attention to detail but can be easy to coordinate with the right type of holiday. If you are looking to plan a similar trip for your relatives these are some of the best ways to go about it.

Family Cruise

Being stationed on a ship for a week or longer can seem frightful at first thought but a cruise is hands down one of the best ways to please everyone at once. With so many activities on a cruise ship, it makes it easy for everyone to find something they love and stay content for the entire time. Imagine going on a once in a lifetime world cruise with everyone close to you and seeing some of the best cities and incredible landscapes all from a luxury boat. The great thing about a cruise is once you’re on the boat there doesn’t need to be much planning done. Making a plan ahead of time with the optional excursions means that everyone can sign up to the events that interest them. A cruise is guaranteed to make lasting impressions that no one will ever forget.


All-Inclusive or Theme Resort

Going to either a beach resort in a sunny destination or a theme park resort is relaxing way that the family can come together and let the stress float away. If there are younger children attending the get together this could be the ideal choice as there doesn’t need to be much planning or travelling if you don’t want. These resorts are perfect for group travel and make it easy for everyone to enjoy themselves on their own terms with lots of family activities like pool sports, volleyball, and bingo nights. There are often a few restaurants on site making it a nice experience to dine out in different settings.


Ski or golf Holiday

If your family is active than what better than organizing a holiday where everyone can enjoy doing an activity they love. Bonding over a shared interest is an amazing way to create lasting memories. Because the holiday has a purpose the planning is virtually non-existent. Each day every member will know the plan for the day. Either hit the slopes or hit the links. Staying in a nice chalet on the mountain or a villa next to the greens will be a thrilling experience for everyone.