/Why I Fell in Love With This Cornish Campsite

Why I Fell in Love With This Cornish Campsite

I like to take my kids away each year for a camping trip, and we have done so for the past 15 years without fail. During that time we have some amazing experiences, some weird experiences and some frankly disappointing experiences. For me, heading to a new campsite is something that always fills me with fear, especially because you know you are gong to be spending a large amount of time there. It is chiefly for this reason that when I find a campsite that I love, in a destination that I love, we always make an effort to get back there.

One such place which I cannot speak highly enough of is the Perran Springs holiday park in Cornwall, a place which ticks all of the boxes for what you look for in a campsite, and somewhere which holds a special place in our hearts. if you are heading to Cornwall and looking for the best place to stay, here is why Perran Springs should be your destination.

Best of Both Worlds
Many of us would love a campsite which is close to local town, cities and villages, yet set in the depth of nature, a very difficult balance to achieve for most campsites. Perran Springs on the other hand, manages to do this with aplomb. The campsite is just 2 miles from the golden sandy beach, and just 6 miles from busy and vibrant Newquay. The real charm to this place however is that sat by your tent on a dark night, you would think that you are thousands  of miles away from civilization.

The whole idea of camping for me is to get back in touch with nature, yet some campsites can offer this given the level of people and upheaval that there is, interrupting the nature around them. Here in Perran Springs however, the campsite and the natural surroundings and wildlife work in sync with each other, and you can see beautiful wildlife and enjoy the very best of nature, just a few minutes walk from your pitch. From the pond to the nature reserve, the fishing lake and the weaving trails here, there is much to discover by way of the natural environment.

I love the range of accommodation options here, ranging from luxury log cabins for those who like to camp in style, glamping tents for those looking to make this a unique trip, as well as caravan and pitches for the traditional amongst us. Not every campsite has the options which this one does.

Many campsites think that you simply want to be left alone once you arrive, but this is only true to an extent. What us campers want is excellent service when we need it, and to be left alone for the rest of the time. This is exactly what the staff at Perran Springs provide, and it is one of the biggest reasons why we keep coming back.

If you want to check out this campsite in Cornwall, here are their details, you won’t regret it.

Perran Springs Holiday Park