/Escape The Rat Race – Go On A City Break

Escape The Rat Race – Go On A City Break

It’s been a while since I lived in the bustling city of London, I miss it a lot but when I was living there I always wanted to escape for a day or two. Take a break, get some clean air, space to myself and rejuvenate before heading back to the rat race. The best way to do that was always to go on a last minute city break.

The beauty of living in London is that you can get out very easily. There are plenty of options, both home and abroad for you to choose from. I went on so many city breaks that I lost count of the places I went to.

You might wonder why I, and many others, are so keen to get away from the city for a break. Here are some reasons why I think everyone living in a major city like London should take advantage of the many city breaks that are on offer.

It’s Easy

It’s so easy to get out of the city. I don’t mean to just go a few miles down the road, but to go across the country or to fly to another country. For example, if you’re living in London you can take advantage of the high speed rail service and be in the countryside in no time at all. Then there are 4 major airports, so you could leave the office at 5 and be sipping a cocktail overlooking the beach by 8!

It’s Cheap

If you do your research you’ll be surprised by just how cheap it can be. If you book your train tickets or flights well in advance you’ll find it can be as cheap as your taco to work! Then there’s the accommodation, when you’re outside of major cities the rates for your room drop dramatically. I sometimes like to go for a holiday rental because it also brings the price of food and other expenses down too.

It’s Essential

When you’re living in a major city with millions of other people, walking on busy footpaths, crammed in to trains and breathing the not so clean air – it’s essential you take a break! Just being in the countryside for a couple of days, going on walks, giving your ears a break from all the sirens and horns will leave you feeling refreshed. If you want the ultimate in relaxation then go on a spa weekend. You’ll go back to work feeling brand new and ready to take on the world!

Have you been on a city break recently? Where did you go? How did you feel when you got back home? I would love to hear all about your experiences and tales. Just pop your thoughts in to the comment section below this post. I am really looking forward to reading everything you guys have to share.