The latest travel technologies


Travelling is something many people enjoy, and technology has gone a long way to enhance the experience – making travelling cheaper, easier and more entertaining. With the latest in travel gadgets and mobile phone apps, you can find your way around your destination a lot easier, be better informed and find hidden sights you might otherwise have missed. Here are ten of the most popular travel technologies that you can use to improve your trip:

Smart suitcases

We all have plenty of devices that have batteries that appear to drain almost instantly. A dead mobile phone just as you reach the airport can be a nuisance, so why not opt for a travel case that has a built-in battery and charging port? Smart cases also let you track your luggage around the world, as these cases come with a built-in GPS, allowing you to track your luggage if it gets lost.

Portable speakers

Often a hotel room can be lacking in entertainment options, so why not bring your own music with you? Portable speakers will also brighten up any TV or films you are watching on your iPad or laptop, or simply provide background music as you relax during your stay. Most are battery powered and equipped with Bluetooth, so you can link your devices wirelessly.

A selfie stick

Even if it is not universally liked, a selfie stick can be incredibly handy. It is quite difficult getting good group or solo photographs that include an attractive backdrop by merely using your phone’s camera. Instead, attach your phone to a selfie stick to get great pictures – the latest selfie sticks are cleverly designed and collapse into a very small space.

Solar chargers

Even the bulkiest of external battery packs run out of juice at some point, so think about bringing along a battery pack that can be recharged in the sun. If you are camping or otherwise enjoying the outdoors, a solar powered battery pack can keep your gadgets charged without the need to be anywhere in the vicinity of a power grid.

Portable drone

Exploring nature is one of the top motivations for travel, and if you’re enjoying the great outdoors, why not use the opportunity to take spectacular aerial pictures? Compact drones with powerful cameras and extensive recording facilities can easily fit in your luggage and let you take eye-popping images from high altitudes, and from angles you wouldn’t dream of approaching on foot.

Translation app

Travelling in foreign countries can be tricky if the language is unfamiliar to you. Instead of guessing, try out a translation app on your mobile phone. You can take an image of text in a foreign language and have it translated straight away; very useful for travel instructions or when descriptions in a museum are not in your native tongue.

Compression clothing

Long flights and extended walking are part of a full-on travel itinerary, but this often leads to sore muscles. After a long walk or international flight, think about this: Men’s Core Compression Calf Sleeve – Compression Sleeves – Men and women can ease your muscle pain, thanks to the hi-tech manufacturing behind the fabric in items such as a calf compression sleeve.

Noise-cancelling headphones

It is great to listen to your favorite music during the long periods in which you are in transit. Aircraft and vehicle noise can quickly intrude, but noise-cancelling headphones reduce the amount of noise you hear to a minimum. Instead of fighting off the aircraft hum with louder and louder music, invest in a decent pair of active noise-cancelling headphones.

Smart padlocks

If you have existing luggage that you’d like to keep out of prying hands, think about a smart lock, which you can operate with an app on your phone. It is an excellent solution – no need to keep keys or to try and remember what the security code for a lock is, since it’s all stored on your phone.

Portable seats

Lightweight manufacturing technology makes it possible to produce seat-like shapes that take almost no space in your luggage and add very little weight. A portable set can come in handy in all sorts of situations, whether it is a music festival or a camping trip.

Advances in technology can make travelling easier and more fun, but you need to pack the right gadgets. There’s no need to spend a fortune, just cleverly purchase a few key gadgets and you will be set for your trips – travelling in more comfort than ever before.


How technology is changing the way public administration works


We live in an era dominated by technology – technology that is often concerned with communication and the transmission of information. While such technology is designed to make our lives more convenient and fun, there are some areas in which information and communication are essential. How would the government and the deliverance of public administration function without either? Indeed, in a world so governed by technological innovation, it’s only right that politics should be seen to be leading the way. After all, communication is absolutely vital for the operation of our country. A study conducted by the National Academy of Public Administration and the ICF in 2016 found that 90% of federal leaders said that technology helped them to better serve the people, with productivity vastly increased; the importance of technology has never been more evident.

Information technology is shaping our country beyond recognition, in much the same way that our ever-changing political landscape does. How can technology assist public administration and the delivery of policy, as well as the preparation of those entering civil servant positions?

Six ways that technology is revolutionizing public administration

There are numerous technological advancements changing the way that public administration operates, from those increasing accessibility and convenience, to those improving security and reach. In a sector as fast-paced and current as politics, it’s essential that the very latest technology be applied wherever possible; the field of public administration and the implementation of policy and governance should be at the very fore of innovation.

Here are just six of the ways that technology is revolutionizing public administration, ensuring that government policy and the organization of offices are more efficient than ever before.

Ease and accessibility with mobile technology

Mobile technology has crept into every aspect of our lives, delivering communication, entertainment, and a vast network of information straight to our fingertips. Mobile devices and tablets are a great way for public administrators to stay in contact with the world, and one another, at all times; rather than being restricted to their offices, administrators and politicians have access to file sharing, internet access, and email services regardless of where they may be. The increasing sophistication of such devices is vastly altering the political landscape.

Improved teaching capabilities in the field of public administration

Aside from the obvious political roles, a career in public administration could involve any one of a number of roles. Those choosing this pathway may find themselves working as civil servants, for an educational establishment, in a role with federal government, as company directors and managers, or research associates. As you’d expect, entry into such jobs is highly competitive and subject to strict entry requirements; many positions will require a specialist degree, or a master’s in a related subject. Technology is making the teaching of such qualifications more enriching than ever before, and enables students to study from home, as well as abroad. Resources are now readily available, making entry into public administration an attractive prospect. Are you keen to explore your potential in public administration? Click here if you are interested in USC’s online MPA degree option; this is just one of many routes into an exciting and fulfilling career.

The emergence of social media on the campaign trail

New President Donald Trump is as famous for his use of Twitter as he is for signing controversial bills and making outlandish statements; his aptitude for turning to social media when he has something to say will likely shape his administration. Social media has quickly become a vital tool for those hoping to research politics and source news stories, and for public administrators to gauge opinion and reach out to constituents. Without sites such as Facebook and Twitter, the world of politics would perhaps seem out of touch and inaccessible with the vast majority of the voting public – particularly those aged 30 and under.

Improved security with data encryption

There’s nothing like a campaign trail and impending election to raise questions of security, so it’s reassuring to know that encryption technology exists and is under constant development to ensure its success. It’s absolutely imperative to our country and its government that sensitive and valuable data is kept safe; without it, our public administrators would be fighting a losing battle.

Comprehensive storage solutions within the cloud

The amount of paperwork needed to run a country must be pretty extensive. Imagine, then, how many storage devices and memory sticks would be needed to back up even a fraction of the legislation that our new President has passed so far; even computerized documents need to be stored somewhere. Cloud storage is absolutely vital to public administration, enabling all information to be organized on one centralized and remote server. Cost-effective and secure, such a means of storing data is the best way forward in a modern world.

Reducing costs with environmentally friendly technology

Stepping away from information technology for a moment, it’s still incredibly important to recognize the technological leaps forward that we’re making with regards to environmental awareness. The increasing use of solar, wind, and waterpower is making it far cheaper for public administrators to run their offices, and for politicians to acknowledge the need for sustainability.

The possibilities for new technology and public administration are seemingly endless – as long as world leaders and those working beneath them are willing, and able, to embrace such developments. At a time when new technology and incredible innovations are all around us, it has never been more important for politics, and world offices, to keep up. Leading the way, their technological capabilities are shaping the future for each and every single one of us.


For a while now, SEO has maintained strong credibility as an effective means of improving the visibility and easy accessibility of web content. But, as with many major innovations, there are constant changes and developments to take note of within the expansive field of SEO. Now that we’ve reached 2017, it’s best that we let you in on the top trends in SEO for the year. We don’t want you to be left behind! Plus, it’s important for us to ensure that you get the best from your SEO services.

  1. AMP

Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages Project aims to create a more user-friendly mobile web experience. Introduced early last year, and similar to HTML, its plan is to offer a set of guidelines for developing web content for mobile devices. This means simpler user experience across a greater number of digital platforms, which is a logical step considering so many of us are practically attached to our smartphones. Perhaps the most promising aspect of AMP is that it will enable webpages to load more quickly on mobile devices.


Yes, voice search has been around for a short while (thanks Siri!), but now this particular technological advancement is growing up a bit. Indeed, the tendency for mobile users to use voice assistance is so common that some further development should be expected. John Rampton, Co-Founder and CEO of payments company Due, states, ‘the increased use of voice assistants on smartphones to assist with searches, which is changing what keywords are used because users are employing more natural language than when they type in keyword for their searches. That means brands and bloggers will have to re-examine what type of keywords are used and change their strategies to align with the use of voice command searches.’


When it comes to search engines, you might have thought Google and Yahoo were top of the list. But Bing seems to have gained some traction recently, particularly towards the end of last year. At the beginning of February noted, ‘in the later months of 2016, Bing…powered around 20% of searches in the UK and up to 10% in the US.’ Not only that, if you refer back to trend number 2 you’ll be amazed by what SEO strategist Gianluca Fiorelli states on  ‘Bing is [fuelling] the search of Siri and Alexa, apart from being the default search engine of Cortana. If you calculate how many iOS/OS X, Windows 10, and Amazon Echo devices are used, then you have a rough idea of how Bing could be important as voice search grows.’


The keyword is, of course, pivotal to on-page SEO. But there’s something a) uncertain about using a specific one when it might appear on so many other webpages, and b) tedious about constantly having to insert your chosen keyword in various strategic places. So, if you want to add some more certainty and flavour to your content, then take some advice from the folks at Schoeman Law: ‘using Rank Tracker, you can get insights into related keyword phrases and how they stack up against your chosen phrase using insights from a variety of resources beyond Google AdWords Keyword Planner.’


Jon Henshaw, Co-Founder and President of Raven Tools, tells,, ‘Google will continue to push for speed in 2017, but their core focus will be on reliability and making sites work and feel more like apps. They’ll do this by encouraging SEOs and webmasters to convert their sites into Progressive Web Apps (PWAs).’ What are PWAs? They’re immersive user experiences that bring together a variety of standards for online user experience. They’re speedy, simple to use, and, according to Henshaw, ‘expected to work even if the user is offline’. With regard to this last aspect, he cites Progressive Beer, as an example. Check it out!


Ever heard of RankBrain? Well it’s not exactly new (having been around for just over a year), but it certainly heralds a remarkable development within the SEO-world. RankBrain is basically an artificial intelligence system that aids Google in processing and providing search results. According to SEO specialist Jomer Gregorio, it currently holds ‘the 3rd spot for the most important signal in ranking.’ Gregorio also states, ‘because it’s been over a year since we’ve seen an update like RankBrain, it’s possible that Google will release more machine learning updates, or may even incorporate machine learning and artificial intelligence in other areas such as data recovery interpretation and marketing automation.’ So watch this space!


With its rich cultural experiences, exotic charms and diverse geography, it is easy to see why Morocco is such an alluring destination in Northern Africa. Travellers who choose to journey here are rewarded with varied landscapes, including snow-capped mountains with lush green valleys, superb beaches with crystal clear blue waters, exotic cities, and vast and mysterious deserts. To make the most of your trip to Morocco and all that it has to offer, it would be ideal if you could sample all of the different aspects of this country.

At the very least, you need to walk through the medinas (the walled, old part of a town or city with narrow streets, mosques, palaces and fountains), explore some souks (marketplaces) to see traditional textiles, jewellery and pottery on sale, and visit the vibrant ancient city of Marrakesh to see belly dancers and snake charmers entertain the passers-by in Djemaa el-Fna square. If you prefer to experience the art and culture of Morocco in a quieter and less touristy city than Marrakesh, visit Casablanca.

Or if stunning beaches are more for you, then go to Agadir with its golden, seemingly never-ending beaches that have been awarded blue flag status.

Where can you stay in Morocco?

There are a variety of choices for accommodation in Morocco to suit a range of budgets and tastes. It is good to be aware, however, that modern comforts typical of western-style accommodation will be missing in some budget options, so it always pays to check reviews rather than relying on a website image!

Two of the cheapest options are unclassified hotels and hostels. Unclassified hotels are usually located in medinas, meaning they have the advantage of being close to all the sights and sounds of the souks. The accommodation here, however, can be very basic, often lacking hot water and providing only primitive toilet facilities. Hostels are usually quite clean, well-run and offer basic accommodation.

Located in the newer quarters of the cities, classified hotels offer more modern comforts, such as heating, air-conditioning and Wi-Fi. Many also have swimming pools and sun loungers. It is a good idea to book ahead, either on-line or with a travel agent, to ensure the best rates.

An increasingly popular accommodation option is a riad. Riads are typically converted 18th- or 19th-century townhouses, located in a medina. They usually feature a patio garden, ensuite rooms and complimentary breakfast.

When is the best time of year to visit Morocco?

If you go in the summer months, the temperature will be extremely hot, with Marrakesh often around 40°C. At this time of year, see breezes around Agadir may make it more appealing than the sweltering inland cities. During spring and autumn, the temperature is generally a lot more comfortable, ranging from 22°C – 28°C. If you visit in winter, then the daytime temperatures will still be warm. At night-time, however, it can get very cold, so it is a good idea to make sure your accommodation provides heating.

What else is important to know?

In a country, such as Morocco, that follows Islamic laws and customs, it is important to be sensitive to local traditions, laws and religions. Women should try to dress modestly, always covering legs and shoulders— especially if they are alone. Alcohol should only be consumed in licenced restaurants or bars, and couples should avoid any public displays of affection.

It is also good to be aware that tipping is an important part of life in Morocco, with waiters, porters and filling station attendants expecting a tip after they provide their help.

Regardless of which parts of the country you choose to visit, one thing is for sure: a holiday to the remarkable country of Morocco will be an unforgettable and treasured experience.

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Spain is consistently one of the world’s most visited countries when it comes to summer vacations, and in fact vacations at any time of year. The country is not only popular with nearby European holiday makers, but also a must visit destination for many travellers coming from much further afield in other continents. The charm of Spanish culture is something that vacation seekers crave, and it would be fair to say that one of the most sought after destinations in the entire country is the municipality of Malaga. A port city in the south of Spain on the famed Costa Del Sol, Malaga is known for its high rise luxury hotels, glorious yellow sandy beaches and its two gargantuan hilltop citadels that sit and look over the now modern city. If you are looking for a summer vacation destination and don’t quite know where to pick in Spain, then here are five of the Holiday Taxi teams’ best reasons to make Malaga the centre of your holidays this year.

1.         The Beach

It’s not surprising to hear that the beach is a central part of Malaga life. With such a wonderful sandy stretch virtually on your doorstep, why wouldn’t you want to spend most of your time there? The strip of beaches is located towards the east of the city, and along with sun and sea, you will also find a plethora of traditional seafood restaurants that promise to offer some of the freshest meals you have ever eaten in your life.

2.         La Concepcion Botanic Garden

La Concepcion is consistently rated as one of the very best botanical gardens in the whole of Europe, a true tropical paradise that gives visitors a combination of lush green forests and designed, formal gardens. The establishment was created in the 19th century by an aristocratic couple named Amalia Heredia Livermore and Jorge Loring y Oyarzabal, and though it fell into decline, it has been brought back up to standard by Malaga City Council and is now a thriving tourist spot.

3.         Granada

You simply cannot visit Malaga without also taking the time to visit Granada. Spanning across seven hills under the Sierra Nevada, Granada is one of the most physically dramatic places you will ever visit. The city, which is north east of Malaga, is dominated by the Alhambra, a complex set of fortresses and gardens that are a marvel of old Islamic architecture. You can choose to explore independently or join one of the frequently scheduled guided tours.

4.         Calle Marques de Larios

This is the street to aim for if you want to experience some traditional Spanish outdoor dining. The wonderful marble paved road is dotted with kerbside tables and chairs just waiting for visitors to come and fill them up. Whether you are looking for some simple tapas and a few drinks or you want to go all out and order some of the finest Mediterranean cuisine money can buy, you will definitely find what you are looking for on the Calle Marques de Larios.

5.         English Cemetery

No doubt most of your days will be filled with the sun, sea and sand of a classic Spanish vacation, but if at any point you crave a different kind of culture, an interesting place to visit is St. George’s Cemetery. Opened in the 19th century as a final resting place for foreigners who died in Malaga, it was actually the very first Protestant burial site in the whole of Spain, which definitely makes it something of key historical interest to many.

Malaga is fabulous for a resort holiday but with good transport links is also a base for discovering the charms of the Costa del Sol and beyond.


The Rules of Fashion For Men


It is hard to say that there are rules of fashion, but there are certainly things that are good to know when it comes to looking good as a man. I thought I would talk more about a topic that just continues to grow and grow. So read on to find out just a few of the rules that you need to know about fashion.

Buy quality

Buying quality items of clothing is the best idea, because they generally look better and last longer. There is a reason that Hugo Boss clothing looks so good and is more expensive. Find a great clothing shop, like Mainline Menswear, where you can easily shop for all the pieces that you need in one convenient place.

Feel comfortable

Being comfortable is the most important rule of fashion for men. If you don’t feel comfortable there is very little chance that you feel good or confident in what you are wearing. Of course this does not mean that you should wear the most comfortable thing that you own, but it means that you should attempt to find a balance between comfort and style.

Spray less

One thing you need to know about cologne is that you can’t take it off, once it is on it is on. You can always put more on later, but never make the mistake of spraying too much of it because it is noticeable and a huge mistake. Less is more with cologne and you can easily take a small spray bottle with you wherever you go if you need a touch up.

Understand what casual means

Casual does not mean wearing your pyjamas around outside, it means that you are not formally dressed. This is not an excuse to look sloppy or like you don’t care. A man can look good even if he is only wearing sneakers, a white t shirt and jeans. The key is that everything is clean and neatly matches. This is the true meaning of casual.

Details make the man

One thing that men often miss when it comes to clothing is the small details that you can really make others notice if you know how. For example, your t shirt might have a slightly woven texture rather than just normal cotton. This is a great detail that you should be looking for in everything you buy as these can make an outfit stand out without being overly loud.

Make The Most Out Of Your Workout Using Gadgets The Right Way

Image via Flickr by richardha101

The internet offers dozens of reviews that can help you choose fitness gadgets that match your needs. Unfortunately, few writers take the time to explain how to get the most out of workouts. Simply using a device, after all, won’t make you healthier. If you want to reach a higher level of fitness, you need to know how to use your gadgets in the right ways. Follow these four tips to make sure all of your workouts matter.

Set Reasonable Targets

Getting more exercise is one of the best ways to improve your health. With the right mixture of cardiovascular and resistance routines, you can expect to shed fat and increase your muscle mass. These benefits, however, take time.

Unfortunately, some people think that they will see immediate improvements when they start exercising. The truth is that it can take several weeks or months before exercise makes you look healthier and more attractive. At most, you can expect to lose two pounds per week. In fact, you don’t want to lose weight faster than that since some studies show that rapid weight loss can cause depression, which makes it difficult for people to stay motivated.

If your fitness tracker shows that you’re advancing a bit too quickly, you should think about changing your exercise routine. Ideally, you want to see slow, gradual improvements. Quick results come with too many disadvantages.

Follow a Disciplined Schedule

Intermittent exercise may do some good for your health, but you need to follow a disciplined schedule to maximize your results. When left to your own devices, there is a good chance that you will slip into old, unhealthy habits. Many workout gadgets will let you create schedules that remind you when you need to hit the gym or go for a run.

Following a disciplined schedule means that you’ll need to exercise on some days that don’t cooperate with your plans. Having the right device will make the challenges a little easier. For instance, the Samsung Galaxy S7 offers enough water resistance that you can wear it in the rain. Once you have a water-resistant gadget, you lose one of your excuses to stay in. Plus, you can use the T-Mobile network to stay connected to the internet while you run. That means you can use the Galaxy S7 to stream music, track your performance, and set your route.

Log the Food You Eat

Getting into better shape takes more than exercise. You also need to eat a well-balanced diet with plenty of nutrients. There are plenty of apps that will help you log the food you eat. Kudolife is a great option because it gives you hundreds of healthful recipes that will help you reach your fitness goals. The app also lets you track the number of calories you consume. If you’ve never kept a food diary, you may be shocked by how many calories you eat in a day.

After tracking your diet for a week or two, you can start making adjustments that will help you shed unwanted pounds and improve your nutrition.

Participate in Competitions

Fitness gadgets can do wonders for beginning and experienced exercisers. Having detailed information about your performance will empower you to choose effective exercise and dietary plans. Gadgets cannot, however, give you the same level of motivation as competing against your peers.

Competition can play a crucial role in meeting your health goals. When you run your first 5K, you’ll notice that you draw inspiration from other joggers. Once you get into a rhythm with your pack, you carry each other to the finish line. It’s not that you want to win the race. It’s that you want to do as well as the people running at your fitness level.

The same is true for many other sports. Your gadget makes it possible to train effectively. Competitiveness and camaraderie add a new level of motivation that will push you beyond your boundaries.

Fitness gadgets have revolutionized the way that people get into better shape. Knowing how to use your gadgets properly, though, will make your workout plan even more effective.

Essential gadgets for your car

For as long as there have been cars to drive, there have been gadgets with which to accessorize them. Fifty years ago it was all about fitting the best stereo system, additional driving and fog lamps and two-tone horns. These days, of course, modern automobiles feature surround sound entertainment systems, climate control and Bluetooth connectivity as standard.

Yet like everything else in the 21st century world, car technology has got smarter and more complex as the years have gone by, and the business of in-car gadgets is as buoyant an industry as ever. Here we look at some of the accessories you might want to consider to make your life on the road comfortable, enjoyable and safe.

Gadgets for gadgets

This is the age of the gadget. We all have smartphones, many of us have tablets and they all need charging; this is an area where car manufacturers have been slow to catch up. After all, while the average family car is designed to seat five people, most still have one single charging socket available through that most 20th century of devices, the cigarette lighter.

On a long journey, you are likely to be using this socket for your GPS device anyway. True, some modern cars have a second charging outlet in the back, and a few even have a USB socket, but these are still in the minority. And even then, with a family of five, the battle will be on to get there first and plug in.

This is where a multi port USB charger can come in very handy. These plug directly into your cigarette lighter and can simultaneously charge up to four devices. Perfect to prevent those family disputes in the back on a long journey.

Look after your tires

If we take another look back 50 years in the rear view mirror, we can see that cars were nowhere near as reliable as they are today. Back then, it was important to carry a tool kit, some spares and a bit of mechanical knowledge. Today, in the rare event of a breakdown, you just need to place a call on your cellphone, so that a mechanic can plug your car in to his laptop and diagnose the problem.

That’s all fine, with one exception – the part of the car that forms the link between you and the earth beneath you. Sure, there have been some technological developments in tire technology over the years, but in essence they are the same rubber, inflated components they have always been, and are just as vulnerable to punctures.

There are a couple of gadgets on the market to help you look after your tires. Monitoring systems are now available that keep track of your tire pressures and temperatures in real time and send an alert to your phone if anything untoward is detected.  

Of course, knowing there is a problem is one thing, but you also need to be able to do something about it. That is where a portable automatic tire inflator can come in very handy to minimize the time spent parked on at the side of the highway and get you moving again quickly and safely.

Keeping the car tidy

Whether you are a lone commuter or a family chauffeur, there is something about cars that gives them the propensity to turn into garbage cans on wheels. From drinks cans on the go to spilled shopping bags in the trunk, there is always something rolling around and creating mess and distraction.

There are all sorts of gadgets available to help here that are as relevant today as they have always been. An in-car garbage can helps keep all the waste in one place, and means no more juice cartons squashed and leaking under the seats for weeks. And how about a handy net for the trunk? These are wonderful for keeping shopping bags upright and preventing that heart-sinking sound of tins and vegetables rolling around the car as you pull out of the parking lot.

Enjoy your ride

Whether we are commuting to work, driving the kids around or taking long road trips, the truth is we all spend more time in our cars than ever. These gadgets can make every trip more enjoyable, less stressful and, most important of all, safer for you and your family. So why not treat yourself, and make your car a better place to be?

The importance of user experience in online gaming



If you’ve spent any time at all as part of the online gaming industry, either as a player or developer, you’ll be familiar with the term ‘user experience’ and its abbreviation ‘UX’. If you’re new to the scene, the phrase probably seems self-explanatory – and rightfully so. Indeed, game design and user experience often go hand in hand, creating a mutually beneficial relationship for those either side of the screen.

So, user experience is?

Okay, so the concept of user experience refers to the act of fulfilling expectations, and of creating a product to be enjoyed with very little fuss or effort. It’s the overall experience a person gains from playing a particular game, or accessing certain content. From registry and initial navigation, to the motions a person must go through to play a game, user experience is everything; user experience can determine the success of failure of online titles, in fact. You see, unless they’re entertaining, cater to the needs of players, and offer a reward of some kind, online games are destined to founder without a trace. Besides, a positive user experience has benefits for both developers and players, bringing in revenue and providing an engaging form of entertainment.

How can games garner a positive user experience?

User experience is a vital consideration across the online gaming industry, where there’s very little brand loyalty; gamers are constantly looking for the biggest bonuses, and best value for money, which makes them prone to straying from one particular operator. We’ve established that user experience is important, for both gamers and developers. So, how can it be achieved?

Consider usability

Although user experience refers to so much more than a game’s usability it’s vital that developers consider how a game will be accessed, and navigated, before filling in the other blanks. Usability refers to a game’s ergonomics, screen size, and controls, as well as its overall design. How will players find their way around? How many different screens will the game rely upon, and how long will sessions last for? What commands is the game likely to rely on? Above all, how usable is the game? Online titles must enable their players to achieve their end goal with few obstructions; if it’s likely to frustrate or confuse, a game will rarely succeed.

Rely on reviews

The online casino is just one example of a gaming genre that highlights the importance of user experience; while some bigger casinos can rely on their branding alone, others must focus on user experience in order to stand out in this saturated market. Like other gaming operators, online casinos must be prepared to listen to reviews, analyze their own performance, and pair gameplay with expectation in order to engage players. Luckily there are some comprehensive sites dedicated to reviewing online casinos with jackpots of every kind, ensuring operators are able to keep in touch with trends – and players are able to find the sites that provide the best user experience.

Tailored content for a targeted audience

If a game’s user experience is falling short of expectations the most important thing for developers to do is assess their target audience; is the game specific enough for the demographic? Does it feature content, challenges, and goals that a particular audience can relate to? While it would be nice to create a game that appeals to all kinds of different users, nothing is going to please everyone. It’s better, therefore, to focus on one kind of player and engage them as best you can. The best thing about gamers is that they come in all shapes and sizes – different ages, too. User experience is a completely personal concept, and it’s far easier to provide a positive one if you know to whom you’re attempting to appeal.

Of course, there are multiple ways for game developers and online operators to improve user experience, including beta testing, rewards, time consideration, and gaming resources; we’ve merely scratched the surface. Hopefully this brief blog post has provided a little inspiration though, and inspired any avid gamers to think a little more carefully about the work that may have gone into creating that engaging user experience. When it comes to online gaming, nothing is ever left to chance.

Goodbye to the British High Street?

The iconic British high-street has been long been dwindling. Since the closure of some of Britain’s

most iconic shops including Woolworths, BHS and HMV, a number of other popular high-street

brands have followed suite.


However, despite the recession which sparked the closure of many of the first stores, the more

recent closures are oftentimes pinned down to the increase in online market places. Everything from

finding the perfect outfit for a wedding, to picking up a prescription and even booking our holidays

can now be done online – saving us from a visit to the high street.


Saving you the effort of taking the bus into town, or trying to find parking near the city centre – the

rise of the online high street has made a lot of people’s lives easier. But shopping isn’t the only high-

street staple that has moved online.


Betting shops – once on every high street – are slowly disappearing from cities centres up and down

the country. Thanks to the merger of two of the biggest high street betting shops a number of

betting shops have closed down permanently, however despite the merger many people attribute

the decline of high street bookies to the increase of online booking agents.

Whether you enjoy a game of poker, trying your luck on the fruit machines or you follow the horses

like a religion, online gambling sites offer everything a traditional high street bookies would – as well

as everything you would find in your local casino – from the comfort of your own home.


Long gone are the days of waiting in the rain for the bus, or making a dash through town under an

umbrella – now you can bet on your favourite football team, back your favourite horse or put money

on a game of poker, without having to leave your sofa.


In fact so many online booking agents are popping up, that it can be impossible to know which one

to choose. Many of the best online bookies offer incredible sign up deals, including matched bets,

free bets and free spins. But how do you work out which is best for you?


Not all gambling sites are the same, and not all gamblers are looking for the same games or

experiences – when it comes to sifting through all the different sites and offers, most people will find

themselves confused. Often, a comparison site of all gambling sites will help you to find the best site

for you as well as the best deals for the type of gambling you enjoy.

Once you’ve signed up, there is no reason to drag yourself into town again!

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