What to cook on your tent stove


Camping is one of the greatest activities that a person can participate in in their life. It is a special experience that few people ever forget, but what about preparing the food that you need for your journey? This is a tricky issue and it varies greatly from person to person because of different preferences. This article will talk more about selecting the right food to cook on your tent stove.

The first things to think about

There are four main things to think about with the food that you take camping with you and these are:

  • The stove type you have – this will determine the type of food you can cook, for example a small backpacking stove is not designed to cook a lot of food and is usually for boiling and simmering only.
  • Your transport – if you are travelling by foot, naturally you want to carry food that is going to save space and on weight. If you are taking a car or four wheel drive vehicle then it may be possible to carry a wider range of options
  • Storage options for food – for those travelling by car or other vehicle it may be possible to carry a cooler and this dramatically improves the number of foods you can carry.
  • The amount of space and time you are going for – if you have very little room it will be difficult to carry certain types of food and the length of time will determine how much food you bring.

Foods you can cook

Here are some of the things that you can cook:

  • Pasta and other grains – this is a universal choice for all types of outdoor enthusiasts, because it is easy to store and cook.
  • Meat – a good choice but it is hard to cook with smaller stoves and it has to be stored properly in a cool environment or can only be used on the first day or night of a hike.
  • Soup – this is another classic choice for people going camping and comes in cans or in dried sachets. This is a good option because it is easy to cook with a number of vegetables, such as potatoes, carrots and celery.
  • Pancakes – pancake mix is a great option because it is easy to carry and makes a quick snack or meal.
Getting the perfect wedding photography



It is no secret that a good wedding photographer in Surrey or wherever you happen to be is one of the most important factors in getting the perfect wedding shots. This is a big factor but it is simply not enough to make the photos perfect and there are many things that you can do and think about before to add that extra edge to your photos. Read on to find out some of the secrets of the ideal wedding pictures.

Scout out the location

This is something that you have most likely done when you first booked the wedding venue, but probably isn’t fresh in your mind. The best advice here is to simply explore the venue again and think more about the most beautiful or interesting places where you could potentially take photos. If it is possible it is also a great idea to bring your photographer along for some creative vision, because he or she may have some great ideas for your particular location.

Don’t worry, be happy

Despite what anyone says being happy and carefree is one of the best ways to look your best in the photos, but also means that your special day is going to be as special as possible. When you are happy you naturally look your best and naturally will take the best photos possible without any forced smiles.

Don’t think of everything

It is a good idea to think up some poses or shots that you want to capture beforehand, but don’t be upset if this does not turn out the way that you want it to. Be open to the idea of some freestyle shots, because being natural is the key to great photos. On the day someone may simply come up with a great idea that will be fun for everyone to try, so simply remember that the wedding is about fun and nothing else!


This is a great way to come up with some great ideas for some shots that you want to capture. A great thing to do is to talk to your wedding photographer beforehand, because after all they are the expert and have probably been to countless weddings and can really give you some great creative influence.

Think of the details

Details are the most important part of any picture and wedding photos are no exception to this. Think about small but interesting details that you may want to capture, for example are the wedding bands being used have some interesting features. Perhaps you have a specific detail of the dress or suits that you know that the photographer can capture.


The question you may have is an App important for my business? Unfortunately, most people do not know the value of an App applied to their businesses. They may not know the potential that lies in this marketing tool while they run their businesses. Small businesses too can benefit from this type of marketing tool.

Some of the Benefits Include:

  1. Ability to reach your clients fast within 24-hours for 7 days a week.
  2. An easy way to advertise your services and products to clients
  3. The ability to save money
  4. The ability to venture into untapped markets for your products / services
  5. An App gives you the ability to make lots and lots of money

An App can benefit you, especially when you connect to social media platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter. You will find that the competition in social media is steep; however, you can craft your own niche and breakthrough the market. Social media is an interactive segment of the market so people connect in order to make friends, read posts and chat. If you get a chance to connect to people on this social platform, then you can start to market your products and services. Eventually, there are those who will be interested in buying from you or even some will give you referrals. The modern Apps are very user friendly and can target the exact market that you are looking for.

Even though you are just selling your products/services, you can create a mobile App that combines both the fun and social environment while offering coupons on discounts and rewards. You can give this some thought and do not dismiss the idea of a mobile App for your business. You could look at how other merchants are doing in the online market, like Swarovski Merchants. Their mastery of crystal cutting has defined the company and would be intriguing to shop their world’s premier jewelry and accessory brand. They offer friendly Apps that suit your business best. They have a team of experts who look at your business and take you through the process of acquiring the perfect App for your business.


Just because the cold weather has slowly but surely taken over doesn’t mean you are stuck indoors huddling under a blanket waiting for the change. If you’re feeling a little adventurous and are planning on a visit to the snow, here are some great tips to help you out.


Strength in Numbers

While there are many benefits to traveling alone, snow adventures are an exception. If not only for safety, for the cost. Get a group of your friends together and instead of staying in a room or resort right on the snow fields, look for a private home or apartment rental at a small village close by. Not only will this help you get a more local travel experience the reduction in accommodation costs can be better spent elsewhere on your adventure.


What to Pack and What to Hire

Hiring your gear at the fields is definitely going to be cheaper than buying your gear at the fields. But do you know what can be even cheaper? Buying your gear before you head out.  While your board or skis are something you can get decently priced when you arrive, your best bet to get purpose designed clothing and shoes cheap is by using Groupon coupons for stores that have purpose designed winter clothing. If you only buy one item of clothing before you leave – make it a good pair of winter boots.


Pick Your Season Carefully

It’s true that most of your friends are going to want to visit the snow fields when the season is at its peak – or when the tour companies tell you the snow will be at its best. But, just because the snow isn’t ‘at its best’ during other times, doesn’t mean it’s not rideable and it definitely doesn’t mean you can’t have a great time. Check out online forums where locals chat about the conditions and gauge when the snow is going to be rideable against when the fields are going to be busy. Not only can you save money on travel and accommodation, you might find yourselves with emptier snow fields to enjoy.


Heading to snow almost always guarantees a great adventure, however, can almost always guarantee high prices if you aren’t savvy. Take these tips and then get you and your friends packed and ready for the perfect winter break at a cost you can all afford.

Choosing the perfect food and wine pairings

It’s never easy when you are preparing a dinner party with your friends and you come to the vital part of having to pair the food with your wine. Obviously you want to impress with your food and you don’t want the wine to detract from the sumptuous feast you have good up – what you really want is a wine that makes it taste even better!


I always think it is a good idea not to overspend when choosing your wine and with discounts, such as groupon vouchers, you can always keep the price down. There is always the temptation to splash out, but you don’t need to spend a fortune finding a decent wine that pairs well with your food.

I really didn’t know where to start a few years ago, but after getting some great advice from friends and also reading a lot I found some rules that you should always stick to. By following these simple rules you will wow your guests and be safe in the knowledge that their taste buds will be buzzing with the flavours you serve up.

Don’t be too bitter

Each and everyone of us have tastebuds that are extremely sensitive to bitter tastes, so it is extremely important to make sure that you do not make the mistake of pairing bitter foods with high tannin wine. For example, if you pair green beans with a bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon you will only bring out a strong bitter taste. If you are set on pairing a high tannin wine then you should be looking to serve up foods which are fatty, umami and also salt that will balance it out.

The wine should be sweeter

A rule of thumb is that the wine should always be sweeter that the food being eaten – remember this and you will almost always successfully pari your food and wine. If you choose a bottle that is not as west as the food you pair it with then it will taste bitter.

The wine must be more tart

For a successful wine pairing the food must have a lower acidity that the wine, otherwise the wine will fall short and taste flabby. A good example of this is that a salad with a vinaigrette will always taste better when washed down with an extra brut champagne as opposed to a Chardonnay that will taste buttery.

Organising your wardrobe

Now that the temperature has dropped it doesn’t mean that you should forget all about the clothes you wear during spring or summer. It’s the perfect opportunity to organise your summer clothes and make sure they are ready to rock as soon as summer and the sun hits our shores again.


Our wardrobes tend to be constantly changing with the seasons, and if you’re like me it tends to be a big mess all year round. Finding a particular piece of clothing can sometimes be a real mission because it’s buried under a mountain of clothes from the last season! Well, it really shouldn’t be like that, should it? So how do you get sorted and make sure you clothes are neatly stored away for when you need them next year?

Think before you get started

Before you start ripping through the storage process and piling everything into the bottom draw or in to a container, think about any pieces you don’t want to keep. There are surely some that aren’t of any use? These items you can get rid of straight away – donate them to charity, give them to friends or if they are too badly damaged throw them away. Don’t be too sentimental, because you will always be able to buy the latest new trends at great discounts with groupon next summer.

Start early

You should try to do your organising as soon and as early as you possibly can. Try to get ready close to the end of the season. Get rid of those things that don’t fit and sperating everything into what you need now and what you need next year.

Get labelling!

The best way by far to store clothes until next year is in plastic containers with labels on them – of course you can label the draws or sections or your hanging rail if you don’t use containers. You won’t need shorts during christmas, so you can keep a separate container just for the them, the same goes with this string vest that certainly have no place at winter time! If you are lucky enough to have a big dresser you might even be able to have it specifically laid out for your summer gear and then swap it over with the winter gear when the time comes.

It’s always good to get organised, you will be surprised how easier it becomes to find clothes and also how much you will de clutter your room!


The 10 best natural sights around Ireland

Ireland’s best natural attractions. Take a budget trip around the best natural sights in Ireland and Northern Ireland with cheap hotels and transport. Your guide to Ireland Nature.


With a name like the Emerald Isle, it’s not all that surprising that Ireland has some truly incredible natural scenery. Ranging from the greenery it takes its nickname from to beautiful oceanic views and some more unexpected sights, Ireland has some truly paradise-like natural sights. Whether you’re taking a trip through Dublin, heading on down to Galway or spending some time in Northern Ireland, there’s a whole lot to see if you’re interested by nature.

Over the years I’ve been around Ireland a whole lot of times. I’ve put together a few suggestions for anyone who fancies seeing the best of Ireland with a few budget trips around the most impressive natural sights in the country. I’ve personally visited most of these places, but a couple are still on my to do list (let me know if you’ve actually been!).

It can be hard to get around Ireland cheaply, especially if you’re headed through one of the big cities and don’t fancy staying in a hostel. I’ve always tended to go for Travelodge budget hotels – they’re all pretty much the same so you know what you’re getting, and don’t cost enough to break the bank as long as you’re booking in advance. There’s a fair few around, but there’s always other choices if you look around to get the best deals. Without any further ado, my favourite 10 natural destinations around Ireland:

1: Cliffs of Moher: Fancy a look at crashing waves, huge cliffs and historic regions? The Cliffs of Moher should be the first stop on your list. From a few hundred metres up, you’ll get some incomparable views, but if you really want a full on look at the cliffs, take a boat trip around them before heading to the top for sunset. Unforgettable.

2: Lough Gur: A bit less known than the other early entries here, Lough Gur definitely deserves to be far more famous. Found a bit of a drive from Limerick, Lough Gur is a huge lake surrounded by history, natural paths and some gorgeous sights. Perfect for anyone wanting to sail away for a couple of hours.

3: Giant’s Causeway: Stop me if you’ve heard of this one. Definitely one of the most known parts of Northern Ireland, the Giant’s Causeway really deserves its reputation as a must see for anyone interested in Irish nature. Stretching out from the north into the sea, the Causeway is nothing if not impressive.

4: Galway Bay: Probably better known as the subject of songs than it is as an actual place, Galway Bay is a gorgeous attraction that starts off in the famous Galway city before heading out into the sea. It’s absolutely amazing to take a boat around the bay before stopping off back in the city for a pint in one of the famous Tig pubs round the area.

5: Downhill Derry: A little outside the historic Northern Irish city of Derry/ Londonderry you’ll find one of the country’s biggest beaches. A few miles of sand make for a nice way to relax – and then you look up. The beach is found right at the base of a huge cliff, on which you’ll find a fair few historic destinations and some of the best views to be had in Northern Ireland.

6: Zoos: Ireland’s got a fair few different zoos for anyone fancying a look at some of the world’s most impressive wildlife. You’ll probably have heard of Belfast Zoo and Dublin Zoo, but for my money there’s nowhere better than the Fota Wildlife Park, just a bit outside of Cork. Fota’s very dedicated to giving its inhabitants a natural time, so there’s a lot of tranquil environments with rare and interesting animals.

7: Kinsale: An impressively retro area, Kinsale’s a small village right on the southern coast of Ireland. With cliff walks looking over the sea, impressive scenery around the docks and some great chances to set sail around the area, Kinsale’s probably the perfect small village for a weekend break.

8: Ring of Kerry: You might have heard of this iconic area without having a clue what’s inside – I was definitely that way until I took a visit, and kind of still am now. The ring is over a hundred miles long, so it’s impossible to explore the whole thing. Even so, there’s plenty to see with historic locations, beautiful views and far more all around. Just be sure to pack a map.

9: Mountain Ranges: Ireland’s a fairly mountainous country, so there’s a fair few things for climbers to explore. If you’re looking for the highest peaks around, you’ll want to take a trip to Carrauntoohil, sticking up over a kilometre from the ground. If you’re more of a Romantic, taking a trip over to the Mourne Mountains in Northern Ireland is probably your best bet – the huge range has inspired countless writers across the centuries.

10: The Burren: Only so low down because I’ve yet to visit the area, the Burren is famously the most diverse environment in all of Ireland. With craggy landscapes and caves, ancient tombs and mythological attractions to boot, I’ll definitely need to pay a visit to the Burren sooner or later. I’ll keep you updated whenever I actually visit.

Top Spooky London Haunts for Halloween

London is a truly modern European city, with a sophisticated public transport network, rich cultural heritage, and so many trendy nightspots to choose from. But beneath its cool façade, London also has a dark side.

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4 Foods To Eat In Chile

Food from Chile is not known for its glamour, however it is known to be simple, hearty and made from local ingredients. Although it is probably not as well known as some other South American cuisines, it certainly can be as tasty, if not more so. One of the best things about the food is that the country has different landscapes that shape the food, in the North it is mainly a high altitude desert and central and southern Chile is next to the sea, which means more of an emphasis on seafood in southern cuisine.. The food should be another reason to jump on a plane with LAN and fly to Chile, and here are some dishes that you must try whilst there. [..]

3 Museums to see in Paris

On your holiday to Paris it doesn’t matter whether you are staying in a Premier Inn or couchsurfing with one of the locals, there is a museum near you and you should definitely visit it, there are so many that there really are no excuses. Read on to find out some great museums that you can visit on your next holiday to Paris. [..]

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