/The Rules of Fashion For Men

The Rules of Fashion For Men


It is hard to say that there are rules of fashion, but there are certainly things that are good to know when it comes to looking good as a man. I thought I would talk more about a topic that just continues to grow and grow. So read on to find out just a few of the rules that you need to know about fashion.

Buy quality

Buying quality items of clothing is the best idea, because they generally look better and last longer. There is a reason that Hugo Boss clothing looks so good and is more expensive. Find a great clothing shop, like Mainline Menswear, where you can easily shop for all the pieces that you need in one convenient place.

Feel comfortable

Being comfortable is the most important rule of fashion for men. If you don’t feel comfortable there is very little chance that you feel good or confident in what you are wearing. Of course this does not mean that you should wear the most comfortable thing that you own, but it means that you should attempt to find a balance between comfort and style.

Spray less

One thing you need to know about cologne is that you can’t take it off, once it is on it is on. You can always put more on later, but never make the mistake of spraying too much of it because it is noticeable and a huge mistake. Less is more with cologne and you can easily take a small spray bottle with you wherever you go if you need a touch up.

Understand what casual means

Casual does not mean wearing your pyjamas around outside, it means that you are not formally dressed. This is not an excuse to look sloppy or like you don’t care. A man can look good even if he is only wearing sneakers, a white t shirt and jeans. The key is that everything is clean and neatly matches. This is the true meaning of casual.

Details make the man

One thing that men often miss when it comes to clothing is the small details that you can really make others notice if you know how. For example, your t shirt might have a slightly woven texture rather than just normal cotton. This is a great detail that you should be looking for in everything you buy as these can make an outfit stand out without being overly loud.