/Destinations in Europe that are way better than America

Destinations in Europe that are way better than America

Europe- the birthplace of talented artists and writers, the continent of gorgeous landscapes, the home to beautiful monuments, the land soaked in history and culture – is indeed a trunk of countless treasures. Starting from the emergence of the Roman Empire to the Europe post the Cold War period, this continent has seen an immense transformation as it traversed through such a huge passage of time. It hence comes as no wonder then, that Europe has many destinations that are way better than any other continent across the globe! Confused about whether to plan your vacation to Europe of America? Check out this list of places that will help you make up your mind and head to Europe!

Rome, Italy

A kaleidoscope of culture, history, art and natural beauty, Rome is one diverse city. With ancient ruins such as the Forum, roman baths, and the Colosseum evoking the power of the former Roman Empire and with the Vatican City boasting of wonders like St. Peter’s Basilica and the Vatican Museums, which house masterpieces such as Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel frescoes, Rome easily beats any top American city when it comes to tourism.

Athens, Greece

Considered to be the birthplace of democracy and philosophy, Athens, one of world’s oldest cities, is home to world-class heritage attractions. With 5th Century BC landmarks like the Acropolis and with historically significant places like the National Archeological Museum, Athens has to be a part of your Europe vacation plan.

Madrid, Spain

Madrid’s rich cultural, architectural and artistic legacy is evident from the eighty plus museums and more than two thousand monuments that it houses. The Prado Museum, the Reina Sofía National Museum and Art Centre, the Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum and Madrid’s local cuisine are few of the jewels to cherish. Also considered to be one of the liveliest and the most vibrant cities in the world, rarely will you find an American city that beats Madrid.

Prague, Czech Republic

Touted to be one of world’s most beautiful places, the golden city of Prague is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. With a plethora of charming spots like the Prague Castle, the Royal Palace, the Charles Bridge, St Vitus Cathedral and the Golden Lane, Prague impresses tourists with its ethereal beauty.


Nestled in Eastern Europe, along the Adriatic Sea, is the picturesque country of Croatia. With sapphire waters, Renaissance-period buildings, Instagram-worthy coastal towns, Napoleonic forts, river canyons and craggy peaks, Croatia indeed is a riot of colors, cultures and attractions. No place in America comes even close to Croatia when it comes to such diversity. Make a move and  experience the best of Croatia!

Unlike America, Europe is so much more than just big cities, modern structures and developed economies. It is a melting pot of philosophies and a great example of what happens when the old seamlessly fuses with the new.

If you have already finalized where to go in Europe, start making a flawless itinerary using this trip planner. The fascinating places in Europe awaits.