/What to Expect When You Go On Safari

What to Expect When You Go On Safari

If you have a safari booked up and ready to go, it is important that you are prepared ahead of time, to make sure that you can plan in the right way. I have been lucky enough to go on a quite a few safaris throughout Africa, including a trip last month to see the wildlife in Uganda. You can take a safari in many countries throughout Africa, and regardless of where you are going, here are some of the things that you can expect.


Africa is super hot, but not always, and you should be prepared for very cold temperatures, as well as searing hot sunshine. Most safaris will head out early in the morning, which means temperatures close to freezing, before the sun comes up and sees temperatures rise to almost 35 degrees.

Bush Toilet 

When you are out on a game drive, the only toilet that you will find will be the one behind the bush, with no hole, no comfort, no paper and a slight risk of exhibitionism. Be prepared for this by going before you head out and taking some paper with you!!


When the sun sits highest in the sky, the heat will be almost unbearable, so most guides will have a lodge or a rest stop which they will take advantage of until the temperatures cool. Make sure that you take this opportunity to rest, and catch up on some sleep. These trips feature early morning and occasionally late nights, so you must take whatever chances that you can.


Mopane and Tsetse flies can be a real pain, and if they bite you then you will certainly know about it. There will be times during the safari when these flies will harass you to the point of anger, but it will be important that you remain calm, or they could ruin your trip. Use your hat to brush the flies away, and hope that they leave you alone for a little while.


On each of the safaris that I have been on, I can honestly say that I have never eaten as much in my life. Most of the lodges that you will stay at offer 3 meals per day, and the portion sizes are hefty. If you were worried about how much food you will have during your stay, you needn’t, there is more than enough to suit anyone’s appetite.


In the remote camps you will not find a single piece of cellphone coverage, and nor should you, remember that you are here to switch off and get back to nature. There are some of the larger camps which have satellite wifi, so if you absolutely have to check on how things are back home, these are the places to do it.

A safari is a wonderful experience which you will not forget for a very long time, you will see amazing animals and you will witness some breathtaking scenery along the way.