/Cool Gift Ideas For a Coffee Lover

Cool Gift Ideas For a Coffee Lover

Coffee for some is like their religion and to many around the world a day without a cup of the strong stuff is enough to make them shudder. These then are the ideal people to buy coffee-themed gifts for when a special event rolls around and we have some fab ideas as to what kind of gifts you should be looking at picking up. Birthdays, weddings, Christmas or an engagement, all special occasions where you can give the gift of coffee, which is sure to go down a storm.

Here are some of our suggestions for what you could buy for that lucky person.

Moka Pot

A moka pot is a stove-top coffee maker which is used for the home brewing of espresso. If the person who you are buying for does not already have a moka pot then this should be at the top of your list of things to buy for them. Not only is this a great tool to have in the kitchen and they really do make a delicious cup of coffee, it is also quite the style statement. Many prefer to leave their moka pot on top of the stove even when not using because of the added feel of style and class that it brings to a kitchen.


There are many packages which you can find online that offer coffee subscriptions and it is a wonderful idea for a gift. The basic premise here is that you pay for a 3, 6 or 12 month subscription and then each month your loved one will get some coffee delivered to their door, from a range of plantation and suppliers. This gift not only ensures that they get a smile on their face once a month, it also means that they can try out a variety of coffees which they perhaps wouldn’t previously have tried.

Portable Press

If you are looking for a relatively inexpensive gift which will be well received then a portable press is a great idea. These handy coffee presses simply need some coffee added and water, and it is the perfect gift for those who want high quality coffee no matter where they are. No more boring coffee from a machine in the office, with this press you can provide them with a chance to enjoy the finest cup no matter where they happen to be.


Many people have coffee machines which use pods to make a wide variety of coffees, and if the person who you are buying for is one of these people then a selection of pods makes for a lovely little gift. So many of the companies like Nespresso who make these machines will offer selection boxes of pods which feature a wide variety of coffee styles and types, and it is a gift which you can count on being used and enjoyed.

These are our top selections for which gifts you could look at when buying for a coffee lover, which do you think they’ll enjoy most?