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Search Optimization Explained

There are so many search engines available and most people have there favorites with probably Google being the most popular. The process is easy. You type in whatever it is you are looking for into the little box such as ‘dentist in Manchester’, click on search and up pops ten million search results for dentists, their services, where they are and so on and so forth. Now the thing here is that very few people ever look beyond the first couple of pages and they certainly never look at page number ten! But did you ever wonder why certain information or companies appear on page number one or two? Well, most often companies will use the services of what is known as a search engine optimization service and this is what they do and how it works.

First of all an organization or company for example will approach an SEO company and ask them to promote them to the point where they are on page one of Google, and most importantly, keep them there. So, using the example of the dentist again, the dentist gives the dental SEO company as much info about their service as possible and most importantly the address of their website. The company then uses that information to create content on the web related to what dentists do.

The next stage is to create certain keywords or clusters of keywords relating to dentists. There would be many keywords and clusters relating to dentists, not just the word dentist, but dental implants, tooth straightening, cosmetic dentistry and such. Then they might create other clusters not just of Manchester, but of areas or towns within Manchester.

After that the next stage is to create content and a popular way to do this is by employing people to create that content. A popular way to do this might be to create a blog or employ people to write articles for blogs into which these keywords are implanted. These keywords are hyperlinked to the website of the particular dentist. This does not mean that somebody has to read the article. Just the fact that the keyword has been published is going to improve the rating of the dentist on Google. Google uses a complicated algorithm to calculate its ranking system which would take more than this article to explain, but basically the more times the keywords or clusters are used and hyperlinked improves your ranking and thus which page you are on, and that in a brief explanation is how you get your dentist on page one of a search engine.