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Niche Marketing

The main reason for setting up a business is obviously to make money from the product or service you are offering. There is no point in working for nothing is there? So when you first start out in your new business venture the first thing you need to do is create awareness to potential customers and increase the number of customers as quickly and as much as you can. The way you do this is by marketing your company in the correct way. Now there are a lot of traditional ways in which to do this, but there are some other options open to you and below are a couple examples of niche marketing strategies you can use to create some alternative marketing methods your competitors may not be using to give you the edge over them.

The first is to try to build a community of customers around your product or service. For example, try to encourage your customers not only to engage with you but engage with each other and their friends or other business associates. They don’t need to do this on a face to face basis but can do it over social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram. You could create a Facebook group that allows people not only to like what you have done for them or sold them, but they will also share and invite other potential customers to your group. Imagine if you were a dentist and you had just done some tooth whitening for a client and they take a photo of their new pearly whites and share it to their Instagram account. The first thing their friend will ask is where they had that amazing work done. Marketing for dentists is important and digital marketing is one of the best ways to go about it.

Secondly, think about the market that you want to target. Many companies are offering the same range of products to the same groups of people so the completion is fierce. What we are talking about here is building a market strategy that targets a specific group of people. This does not mean that you can only target one particular group because you are likely to have products that are useful for everyone but develop a separate strategy for a certain market. Basically choose an audience and target that audience. It might be the younger millennial generations or the older generations. For example you might have a range of products for everyone, but fifty year old men are not interested in looking at the styles of clothing that teenagers are wearing.

These are just a few methods you can use but doing a bit of research will unveil a number of marketing ideas that will put you in front of your competition.