/Things to consider when Renting a Yacht

Things to consider when Renting a Yacht

How exciting! What a way to spend a day; out in the sun, over the water, in the company of loved ones. Charter a yacht in Dubai and see the miracle of how a desert city transforms into a much talked about tourist destination that is also a haven for water sports. First timers can feel intimidated about what to look for when choosing a yacht to venture out into the sea. Here is a checklist of things to consider when renting a yacht.


It is always better to plan ahead unless it is something instinctive and instantaneous. If it is a special occasion, begin planning at least 3 months earlier. Corporate rendezvous and annual functions are also scheduled. So, unless a sudden turn of events gives you a reason to celebrate, try to book a yacht early so that you can also build up the excitement and get ready. Be very clear about how many hours the cruise is for and the timings according to the weather at the time of the cruise.  


A budget is an important factor to consider when looking at yacht charters. There are yachts to fit all kinds of budgets. Most yachts are available for rent at hourly rates and will have the prices displayed on the website. When considering the hourly rate displayed at various websites, clarify about what all the hourly rates cover, what extra charges may you have to pay, what are the amenities included, are there any hidden charges etc.


Most yachts have a set of amenities that are a part of it by default. Like, most yachts have a welcome drink and snack offered to guests, music equipment, fishing gear etc. What you need to look out for is what the add-ons available on the yacht are. Some companies offer red carpet welcome, customised theme parties, tailored cruises etc. Speak to the agents about what you require and find out what they have on offer.


The price you pay is for the quality of the yacht. All luxurious yachts are high maintenance and hence, the service and quality is most important. Read testimonials and reviews on third party sites to understand the quality of the service and maintenance of the yacht. To enjoy the best experience that a cruise has to offer, the service must be excellent and the yacht must give you a feel of a 5 star hotel on water.


Ensure that you discuss the capacity of the boat with your agent.  All yachts have a maximum capacity and must be strictly adhered to. It is hence important to know the capacity of the boat before you decide on your guest-list.


A yacht is a perfect place to celebrate milestones and events. From birthday parties and anniversaries to graduation party and wedding proposals, yachts are a great venue to make the event even more special for guests. Similarly, be it a corporate get together, annual function or a meeting with customers, attendees are bound to be impressed with the venue selection. Talk to your agents to decide which yacht and which route is best for the occasion.