/Make The Family Holiday Easier

Make The Family Holiday Easier

I have been on endless family holidays now with my wife and two kids, each time we go it seems that a lesson is learnt. Keeping everyone happy all of the time seems a little impossible, but you can do your best to make it as easy as possible.

Of course your destination is going to play a huge role in how the holiday goes, so make sure you’re heading to a place with lots of activities for the kids, which at the same time allows the adults to get a few hours of relaxation too.

We always follow a few simple rules when we go away, following and sticking to them has made things much easier on family holidays. Following a similar routine also helps the kids to know what to expect – let me know what you think.

Rent A Car

100% has to be done where possible. There’s nothing worse than dragging your family around public transport seeing the sites, especially if you hit rush hour or bad weather. Rent a car during your holiday if you want freedom, peace of mind, to go at your own pace and less stress.

Holiday Rentals over Hotels

If you have never tried this then do it on your next holiday, I promise you’ll love it. Travelling with your family, or any group really, means that hotels can soon add up a hefty bill. So why not rent your own house or apartment? Not only does it keep costs down but again it gives you and your family more freedom. You decide when breakfast, lunch or dinner is served which is great if you fancy a lie in because most hotels stop serving at 10am. I love holiday rentals because they allow kids to be kids, sometimes as parents we are too worried about the noise our kids make. Well, in your own home they can do as they wish and you don’t have to worry about funny stares from uptight guests.


Yes, I know the holiday should be all about the kids but sometimes us adults need a night to ourselves. In order to get some free time you can either hire a local babysitter or bring someone with you. At first I thought it might be intrusive, but in reality you have someone there to help and give you a break. We brought a family friend’s daughter along and she had a great time. She certainly wasn’t busy the whole time and got a great holiday too – win, win!