/What to cook on your tent stove

What to cook on your tent stove


Camping is one of the greatest activities that a person can participate in in their life. It is a special experience that few people ever forget, but what about preparing the food that you need for your journey? This is a tricky issue and it varies greatly from person to person because of different preferences. This article will talk more about selecting the right food to cook on your tent stove.

The first things to think about

There are four main things to think about with the food that you take camping with you and these are:

  • The stove type you have – this will determine the type of food you can cook, for example a small backpacking stove is not designed to cook a lot of food and is usually for boiling and simmering only.
  • Your transport – if you are travelling by foot, naturally you want to carry food that is going to save space and on weight. If you are taking a car or four wheel drive vehicle then it may be possible to carry a wider range of options
  • Storage options for food – for those travelling by car or other vehicle it may be possible to carry a cooler and this dramatically improves the number of foods you can carry.
  • The amount of space and time you are going for – if you have very little room it will be difficult to carry certain types of food and the length of time will determine how much food you bring.

Foods you can cook

Here are some of the things that you can cook:

  • Pasta and other grains – this is a universal choice for all types of outdoor enthusiasts, because it is easy to store and cook.
  • Meat – a good choice but it is hard to cook with smaller stoves and it has to be stored properly in a cool environment or can only be used on the first day or night of a hike.
  • Soup – this is another classic choice for people going camping and comes in cans or in dried sachets. This is a good option because it is easy to cook with a number of vegetables, such as potatoes, carrots and celery.
  • Pancakes – pancake mix is a great option because it is easy to carry and makes a quick snack or meal.