/My UK Trip 2018 – The Top 3

My UK Trip 2018 – The Top 3

I have been lucky enough to travel around the globe but as the saying goes – there’s no place like home. That couldn’t be more true for me, I love going back to the UK. Yes, I might be quite biased but I think it’s the best place on the planet!

This year I’ll be back for 3 months and in that time I will be traveling around a lot of the country. I have quite an action packed trip planned which I am really looking forward to share with you on my social media as I go. Here are the 3 places I am most excited to visit and show you more of when I am on the road back home.

Robin Hoods Bay

Robin Hood’s Bay is located in Whitby, I think it is probably one of the best places to experience the great British seaside. The seaside is why I am looking forward to visit because it’ll bring back so many memories of when I was there as a kid with my family. If strolling along the sand looking for shells gets tiring then there are loads of places to enjoy great British good – there’s nothing better than fish and chips when you’re by the sea, we’re not famous for our food but that’s one dish we get right! The other great thing about the place is that it’s so easy to find accommodation in Robin Hoods Bay for every type of budget.


This quaint city is steeped in history and has a fantastic cathedral for you to explore. I absolutely love strolling along the cobbled streets, stopping off at little cafes and traditional English pubs along the way. At christmas time Canterbury is a real treat and has a great Christmas market, the feel of the city is like no other when the festive season hits. You might know of the city from ‘The Canterbury Tales’ if so, there is a great exhibition set up and walking tours for you to enjoy.


I must admit that the main reason I am visiting one of the UK’s most famous city is to catch a football game, but that’s a good enough reason as any isn’t it?! Anfield is an iconic stadium and home to the historic Liverpool FC. If you visit this great city there are 2 things you must do – a tour of Anfield/watch a match and a Beatles tour. Leaving without having done at least one is a crime.

Where’s your favourite place in the UK to visit? I’d love to hear about your best places – I might even ad some to my list! Just pop your thoughts in the box below guys, I’m looking forward to reading them all.