/Activities and Attractions in Valletta

Activities and Attractions in Valletta

Anybody who is looking forward to holidays in Malta should schedule a couple of day trips to the capital city, Valletta. While here you will have the opportunity to walk through picturesque gardens, learn about the national history and sightsee from the comfort of quaint street cafés.  You may even like to try some of the activities suggested by the specialist travel team at www.directline-holidays.co.uk.


Enjoy The Malta Experience

You can gain a fascinating insight into the history of Malta at Valletta’s premier tourist attraction. Visitors are treated to a highly informative cinema screening that charts the rise and fall of the knights of St John and the Napoleonic Empire. If you are fascinated by these tales then it’s worth continuing the learning experience at the national archaeological and war museums.


Take A Guided Tour Of St John’s Cathedral

Those of you with an interest in religious history should definitely include a visit to this impressive cathedral in the heart of Valletta. You may be surprised by the intricacy of the ornate decorations and the sheer scale of the central hall. You might even have the opportunity to listen to the St John’s choir singing traditional hymns.


Have A Look Around The Local Shops

There are a wide variety of shops, specialising in everything from jewellery to handicrafts in the heart of Valletta. Even if you’re intent on saving your hard earned euros it’s still worth taking a stroll along the waterfront retail area. You might even spot film stars such as Rachel Weisz and Brad Pitt, both of whom have visited Valletta recently.


Dine In Style

There are plenty of high quality restaurants in Valletta. However, for a truly magical dining experience you should book a table at either the Rubino or Malata. You might even be tempted to try the Maltese wine and foods such as the Lampuki pie and Bragioli beef olives.



Photo by Flickr User victoriapeckham