/Activities to Help you Make the Most of Menorca

Activities to Help you Make the Most of Menorca

While it is not the most popular amongst tourists as neighbouring Mallorca or Ibiza, it is still the second largest of Spain’s Balearic Islands. Many tourists who come to Menorca consider it to be a more peaceful and natural getaway than some of the other islands.

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This makes Menorca a great destination for those going on holiday with families, looking to explore nature or simply those who want a relaxing quiet get away. Here are some of the attractions that will help you get the most out of your trip to the island.

El Toro

The mountain of El Toro is the highest point on the island and offers those who climb to its peak some stunning panoramic photos which will help you appreciate the natural beauty of this fantastic island. The mountain only reaches just less than 400 metres in height so it is not a hard hike to the top although it is quite exciting as you approach the top and begin to see your rewards. The climb itself will take around 2 hours and not previous experience is needed.

The Beaches

One of the best things about the beaches on Menorca is that they are like many of the other attractions on the island, wonderfully uncrowded. Beaches like Es Grau are large and have lots of spots for you to relax on the sand or go for a dip in the sea. There are other options scattered around the island as well and for those with the time to explore, you can find your very own isolated spot of sand.

Water Sports

Menorca has some great opportunities for water sports with plenty of scuba diving to be had here. Many ship wrecks lie in the oceans around the island and make for a great way to spend your day exploring. Certification courses are available from the dive shops should you be inexperienced. There are other water sports you can take part in on the beaches around the island such as kayaking and sailing. Book your flights to Menorca now if you fancy taking to the waves!


Like many of the Balearic Islands, Menorca has a great cultural and historical past. It is easy to explore this past via any of the museums on the island such as the Museum of Menorca. This museum houses some interesting exhibits and impressive artefacts while tracing the history of the island back to the Roman times when it was occupied. There are also exhibits of the Moorish and Byzantine eras and the museum also houses some modern day history concerning the World Wars.

The Capital

Visiting the capital of Mao and you will get to experience the laid back and slower pace of life that the locals enjoy here. Anywhere you go there are plenty of freshly prepared seafood dishes making the island a delight for fish lovers. There is also a distillery where Menorca’s very own unique gin is made and is drunk all over the island as a staple in the bars and cafes you will come across.