/Boys’ Edition: Top Five Things to do in London

Boys’ Edition: Top Five Things to do in London

It’s no wonder men all over the country are hauling themselves over to London for a boys’ weekend. The capital promises a wide variety of attractions from games to thrift shopping, appeasing even the grumpiest of your mates. There’s so much going on in the buzzing metropolis that sometimes it’s hard to know what to do first! So to help you out, we’ve put together a guide to give you an idea of what you can do during your visit:

1) Fun & Games: Hint Hunt

Tucked away near King’s Cross Station, ‘Hint Hunt’ is the new adventure activity that has hit London hard with its puzzling activities. The aim of the game?  You must solve a mountain of mysteries and clues before 60 minutes are up, else you might be trapped inside the room forever! Simple, yet engaging, this new game has attracted visitors from all over the UK. So get your thinking cap on and grab the guys! If you’re really competitive, you could even do some mind-training activities beforehand so that you’re at the top of your game.

2) Thrift Shopping: Camden

We all like bangin’ bargains and London is a top place for them. Embrace your inner-thrifter; explore Camden’s markets and shops. Attracting every subculture you can think of, Camden Market is great for alternative types, offering vintage goods, gifts and even Kate Moss’ cigarette butts, courtesy of Pete Doherty’s famous shop Doherty Martin & Co’s Rag and Bone Collection. If you think that’s strange then you’ll be blown away by the locals’ favourite outlet – Cyberdog, which specialises in intergalactic space fashion for the good people of earth. A firm favourite of their customers is their Pyrex Cybernetic Jewellery, strange, but oddly beautiful. If that’s a bit too wacky for you, there are plenty of other shops that will suit your tastes more!

Boy's edition camden market

[Image of Camden Market is copyrighted by Alistair McGuinness via Flickr]

3) Gigs: The Chapel of the House of St Barnabas

An unlikely candidate for a gig, the chapel is tucked away on Greek Street, in Soho, standing tall since 1864. Still used for worship, the chapel’s architecture is inspired by the medieval Montmajour Abbey in the South of France. Listening to your favourite bands in this site will lift the hair on your arms as the sounds are amplified around the space, creating a sublime atmosphere.

4) Stag Do

Are you deciding whether to pop the question to the missus, or have you already taken the leap? If so, then you need to start planning the best time of your life – the stag party. Luckily for you, London is the prime place to have the stag, due to its varied nightlife and wide-ranging daytime activities. Better yet, The Stag Company, a stag event organiser, can actually put together the weekend for you. This saves all of the fuss of having to arrange it yourself, giving you more boozing and schmoozing time.

5) Sports: London Wasps

Holding a whopping six English League titles and two European crowns, London Wasps, the UK’s famous rugby team are competing in the AVIVA Premiership this season, facing the burly titans of Bath, London Irish and Gloucester. Brutal and uncompromising, the Wasps are a joy to watch, keeping audiences on the edge of their seats. Moreover, they are the home of Christian Wade, the star player of England and one of the cleanest scorers in the land. Check out this excellent try he made against the Barbarians in 2013 – it’s a corker.