/Can’t live without all your tech? Take a caravan on holiday!

Can’t live without all your tech? Take a caravan on holiday!

Holidaying with a caravan can be a fun and exciting experience. You can leave your troubles behind and hit the road, whilst avoiding the costs of accommodation along the way.

For many, however, leaving technology at home whilst taking a holiday is out of the question. Today’s working environment has drastically changed, meaning laptops and other gadgets have to frequently be handy, whilst the convenience of mobile phones makes it difficult to leave devices at home.

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Simple technological devices such as heating and kitchen appliances can be missed when you’re out on the road. Modern caravans are a lot more equipped and adjusted to today’s technological needs, making them an ideal part of a travelling holiday.

There are always new innovations within caravans, whether they are technological developments or accessories and now you can take your tech with you!

Kitchen appliances

Modern caravans can include sleek kitchens with contemporary fittings such as large fridge/freezers, gas or electric cookers, ovens, efficient microwaves and even installed coffee machines, meaning that you can take all the conveniences from your kitchen on the road with you.

Spotlights and various other forms of lighting can also be fitted throughout caravans to create an ambient atmosphere and really create a home away from home.


Most caravans will come with a standard heating system and perhaps air conditioning, however more recent models also include underfloor heating and systems that can be controlled by smartphones; allowing your caravan to reach the optimum temperature for when you return to it.


Most new caravans can be installed with navigation systems to aid you in your journey, whilst some can also include tracking systems for added security (alarm systems can also be installed for extra safety).

Navigation systems can include nearby attractions and points of interest, making your journey a little easier.


With the need for laptops, smartphones, notebooks and tablets as well as hairdryers and other general appliances, it can sometimes be essential to know that an electricity supply is available when needed.

Solar panels can be installed onto caravans to ensure that this is the case, allowing for peace of mind when on the road whilst making the planet a little greener too. Battery power can also be converted into electricity within caravans and motor homes, which can be ideal as a back-up or for emergency situations.


For rainy days or for when you may just want to save some money and stay in, entertainment can help pass the time and make you enjoy your time away. Caravans can be installed with plasma screen televisions and surround sound systems to create the right atmosphere for whatever you want to watch.

Satellite dishes can also be mounted to ensure a good signal for televisions.

For added entertainment, caravans with miniature swimming pools, Jacuzzis or pop-up bars are selling on the market whilst some more technologically advanced caravans can also transform into boats or include under-level garages.

Internet options

For many, it is important, and sometimes necessary, to have internet access whilst travelling. Mobile broadband (which is best for on-the-go internet access) and satellite (which can work well even in remote locations) are the two most popular options for frequent caravan users.

Mobile tethering can be used to fill in the gaps whilst Wi-Fi spots in camping parks or resting areas can also be used.

Many of these options are expensive; however you can always buy a second hand caravan which will soften the blow of the cost considerably.