/Cruising towards an unforgettable experience

Cruising towards an unforgettable experience

Many self-declared travellers tend to dismiss taking a cruise as inauthentic. It can become easy to believe that the only way to really travel in Europe is to engage in more bohemian pursuits like interrailing or backpacking. But actually, it’s just as easy to see the ‘real’ side of a destination by getting out of your comfort zone and trying something new.

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Creature comforts aren’t always a bad thing

As you get older and staying in hostels and guesthouses starts to lose its novelty, take stock of your options and see if taking a cruise will work for you. Rather than committing to the unpredictable nature of the open road, cruising can offer an unprecedented opportunity to experience the timeless beauty of Europe and beyond first-hand. Although it can feel like sacrificing your street cred as a traveller, travelling in comfort and style from time to time is no bad thing!

There’s no need to feel all at sea

As cruises steadily become more popular, water holidays have become one of the major growth areas of the travel industry and are a great way to ensure you get an unforgettable experience to rival even the most legendary of backpacker adventures! Experiencing European rivers on a cruise is a must for any keen traveller and there is really nothing to rival the feeling of sailing the rippling tides of the Rhine, the Danube and the Seine beneath you.

Try something a bit different

Whilst there’s a lot to be said for the ‘intimacy’ of staying in cosy (read: cramped) hotels, motels and hostels whilst on holiday, staying aboard a ship is an entirely different vibe. Spacious, light and with generous amounts of storage space, boat accommodation offers a little taste of luxury which prioritises comfort. Not only will you experience the best that your destination has to offer, but you’ll also get there feeling rested and proud that you branched out and tried something different!

Relax aboard your floating hotel

Rather than treading the old familiar paths in crowded cities, you can really get away from it all, ditch your old routines, and enjoy breathtaking panoramic views that change every day. Without even having to set foot on dry land, your floating hotel will make exploring a breeze. With a huge range of destinations across the globe ripe for discovery, with a chartered cruise holiday the world really is your oyster!