/Dining Differently in Barcelona

Dining Differently in Barcelona

So you’ve packed your bags, your transportation is booked and you’ve managed to grab yourself a holiday apartment in Barcelona. But if you’re looking for that ‘non-touristic’, extraordinary Barcelona experience, then you can’t stop at secret sights and hidden boutiques. Why not enjoy a truly different dining experience in the Catalan capital, too?

Forget the tapas and push aside the ‘paella’ as Barcelona is home to some spectacular spots for unusual meals. From dining in the dark to a Spanish speakeasy, and even a menu consisting of only desserts, choose to have dinner at one of Barcelona’s top five eateries that offer something a little more unique than your average Spanish ‘restaurante’.


1.     A Sensory Experience

Ever wondered what it would be like to lose one of your senses? At Barcelona’s Dans Le Noir you can enjoy a three course meal served in complete darkness! Rely on taste, touch, sound and smell as you indulge in the delectable dishes served by skilled ‘blind dining’ guides. This one’s sure to take your taste buds to a whole new level!

C/ Passeig de Picasso, 10.


2.     Terrifically Terrifying

Game  for a scare? La Posada Maldita is the one place in Barcelona where it appears to be Halloween all year round! This restaurant is great for groups hitting Barcelona and provides a lot of laughs as the wait staff dress in creepy costumes while serving spooky cocktails and devilish dishes, ensuring an “edge of the seat” and all-round different dining experience.

C/ Avinguda de Flor de Maig, 57.


3.     A Speakeasy – Spanish Style

So… it appears to be a dry cleaning service from the outside, but lurking behind the shirts and jackets you will find one of Barcelona’s top-secret restaurants! Tintoreria Dontell offers various specials including a lunchtime offer of “shirt, trousers and ties for 20€”, but be careful not to let the cat out of the bag!

C/ d’Aribau, 55.


4.  That’s So Cheesy

Do you head straight for the ‘cheeses of the world’ section at the deli? Then this is one Barcelona restaurant sure to satisfy your dairy-based cravings. Cheese Me offers a menu based completely on cheesy dishes, from soups to salads and from tapas to tasty cheese desserts! We recommend the  Mimolette cannelloni filled with Goat cheese, glazed shallots with apple puree, pistachios and pine nuts!

Plaça Jacint Raventós


5.  Dessert for Dinner

Sweet tooth? Espai Sucre in Barcelona is the first dessert-only restaurant in the world. Dig into the goat ‘cheesecake’ or the lemon soup for a gastronomical experience you’ll never forget. And for those who wish to try their own hands at creating some delicious pastries, various dessert-making courses are on offer here, too!

C/ de Princesa, 53.


So, if you’re looking for something a little out of the ordinary on your Barcelona trip, then choose one of these top unusual restaurants for a memorable dining experience, sure to provide you with some fun stories and flavorsome anecdotes as you explore the rest of this beautiful city.