/Explore the City of Paris at Night

Explore the City of Paris at Night

There are many cities and monuments that arguably become more impressive at night time than they do during the day. Given the numerous attractions that spring to mind when you think Paris, you can imagine how much grander they look when the sun has set and the city lights are all that keep them in view. Here are some of the best sights for you to explore during the night time.


Eiffel Tower

Always the first attraction people think of when they talk of Paris, the Eiffel Tower is an enormous 324 metre iron structure that dominates the skyline of the city. While it is impressive during the day, come night time when the lights are lit up from its base to the top of its spire, it is doubly so. Those of you who are not content with seeing thing from the ground floor, getting up to the top of the tower may be a priority.

A quick search online though can reveal extensive cues to get to the top, which can be a nightmare in the height of a Parisian summer; it may work to your advantage to head online to such flight comparison sights as http://www.cheapflights.co.uk/flights/paris/ and plan your trip outside of the school holidays etc.

Also, if you are lucky enough to have a hotel room that faces the direction of the tower, then you will be in for a treat every time you look out of the window.

Moulin Rouge

Many people who come to Paris are aware of the history of the Moulin Rouge and its famous dance the can-can. Regardless of its past, the establishment today is a popular tourist attraction that only opens its doors during the nights for shows to people from all over the world. Inside, the decor has lost none of its past charm and its cabarets have since gone worldwide. Moulin Rouge Cabaret tickets are always available if you know the right place to look!

Arc de Triomphe

During the day, the madness surrounding the Arc de Triomphe is largely from the roundabout that surrounds rather than the throngs of tourists. During the night time, while the traffic may still be zipping around this beautiful structure, the lights are switched on making it even more striking than during the day.

If you get to the Arc in just before its lights are switched on and wait for a short time, you will be treated to watching the lights of the distant Eiffel Tower also coming to life, giving you double the pleasure.

Seine River Cruises

Many people will generally take a cruise along the River Seine during the day time when sightseeing is at its busiest. However, if you want to see a host of popular sights in a different view, then head over to one of the tourist docking points and climb aboard. The boats will take you past the beautiful buildings such as the Louvre, Notre Dame Cathedral and the Eiffel Tower and is well worth the journey.