/Saying Farewell to Mayhem

Saying Farewell to Mayhem

We did it — we sold Mayhem!

We’d planned to bring our RV adventure to a close at the beginning of summer, so we’ve been taking steps this last month to get Mayhem sold. It’s been an intensely hectic few weeks, so our apologies for the long hiatus — sometimes life just jumps out of your grasp and makes you chase after it, y’know?

Selling Mayhem

Not to brag or anything, but we were extremely lucky selling Mayhem as quickly as we did. RVs, being expensive “luxury” vehicles for many buyers, can be notoriously difficult to sell. We’d heard horror stories of folks unable to find a taker for months on end, and we were terrified of being stuck with Mayhem even after leaving the country for our next adventure.

Our selling situation was further complicated by the fact that we were still living in the motorhome while trying to show it to potential buyers. We spent two days at an RV park in San Diego scrubbing and purging possessions, but we still had most of our stuff inside… as well as a shedding dog who left trails of fur behind every time he brushed against the furniture.

Overall we had a potential disaster on our hands, but apparently we had enough karma points racked up in our favor that the cosmos granted us a relatively painless selling process.

The woman who bought Mayhem – let’s call her Agent X for fun and anonymity, shall we? – was already looking for our particular floorplan (which, to be objective, is a pretty awesome layout). Since she lives a few hours north of San Diego, she had an RV-savvy friend of hers in the city swing by for a walk-through just a few days after we posted an ad on craigslist.

This friend checked it over, approved, engaged in some mild negotiation on the price, then proceeded to “buy” the RV on Agent X’s behalf.

Which meant he sent her a text saying something along the lines of “You should probably buy this. Ok, it’s bought. Congratulations on your new motorhome!”

Heck yeah! We kept Mayhem for another few days while frantically emptying out our storage unit and finishing up various errands in San Diego, then delivered it to her in Long Beach before continuing another eight-hundred miles or so north on our way to Oregon.

Moving On

Our most overwhelming emotion since parting with Mayhem has been a sense of relief. We’re relieved that within only a few days we found a great buyer who will love and enjoy Mayhem with her daughter (and dog and new kittens!). We’re relieved that we didn’t have to sell it at an obnoxiously low price to make that happen. But, most of all, we’re overwhelmingly relieved to be done with this particular adventure.

Now, to be fair, traveling with Mayhem this last year has been an incredibly rewarding and instructive experience. We’ve pushed our boundaries and, for the most part, have had a blast together doing so.

But we want a change. We need a change.

It had become apparent to us in these last few weeks that we were nearing the end of our tolerance for full-time RV living and were ready to move on. Thus, handing over the keys was a moment of liberation rather than regret, although we’ll go into the future with fond memories of our time with Mayhem.

Our Next Steps

So what’s in store for us next?

Southern Oregon
The beautiful Rogue Valley in Southern Oregon.

Well, after we passed our trusty home-on-wheels over to Agent X, we crammed the three of us and all our worldly possessions into a two-door Jeep for a twelve-hour drive up to Oregon, where we’re spending the next few months catching up on life. (And, in case you were wondering, that drive was a blast.)

While we have a vague idea of where we’re heading next (likely somewhere in Europe in mid July), the exact details elude even us (perhaps a flat in Budapest? housesitting in Wales?). As our blueprints start to solidify, rest assured that you’ll be the first to know!

Until then, though, we’re thinking of the next two months as a sabbatical; the plan is to finish up some work projects, read the True Blood series (Sooooookie…), and finally get all the rest of the posts up from our time in the Southwest!

So don’t worry – we’re not finished with travel or Technosyncratic, we’re just exploring new modes of being location independent. Huzzah for flexibility!