/Getting the best from your holiday

Getting the best from your holiday

Getting the best from your holiday can happen in a variety of ways and every holidaymaker’s view of what this is will be different. Is it a cultural experience, a holiday where you try something new or a holiday where you can simply relax and get away from it all? No two ideas of the best holiday are the same but that doesn’t mean there aren’t some similarities.

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Getting value


One thing that does seem to be common with most people when they are asked what they want from their holiday is that they want one that is affordable without sacrificing quality. Whether this is from the choice of hotels, the destination or the flights is immaterial.


Obviously you still want some luxury as you might not get away again until next year, but it is still very possible to have an amazing holiday affordably; providing you know how.




If you really want to save on your accommodation while you’re on holiday, why not try staying in a hostel for a couple of nights? This option doesn’t work for everyone and may not be great for families due to noise levels but it really does open you up to new cultural experience while you’re away.


It’s pretty cheap to stay in a hostel and you could be staying with people with different experiences from yours and from different places, allowing you to make friends and share experiences throughout your holiday.




Saving money on flights is really all about booking far enough in advance and searching around for the best deals. Larger airports often have flights to harder to reach places but commuting to these airports can be a challenge – not to mention rather costly.


Look at the petrol costs and the costs of flying into this airport from your nearest one to find out which will be cheaper. If you are looking into flying into an airport, flights to Birmingham are a great option as it is pretty central and offers a lot of outward connections.


You may also want to keep an eye out for last minute connections and deals as these can be just as competitively priced, if not more so, that early-bird offers.



There will generally be little wiggle-room with your destination but if you’re flexible about what area you stay in then you may get a better rate. Researching thoroughly beforehand is essential though so look for offers and think about what the necessities for your trip are to help save money.