/San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge

San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge

Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco

We’ve been spending this last week staying with a close friend just south of San Francisco while we try to take care of all our last-minute errands prior to our impending (Wednesday!) London departure.

I’m endlessly fascinated by views of the Golden Gate Bridge, though, so on one of our foray’s into the city we were determined to catch a glimpse of the bridge come hell or high water.

Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco

Of course, this is SF, so what we got wasn’t nearly that exciting — just weather. The bridge was (unsurprisingly) completely shrouded by fog on the city side, so we drove across to Sausalito where we discovered a lovely little marina on Horseshoe Bay that offered a unique (albeit a freezing and somewhat hazy!) view.

Golden Gate Bridge in San FranciscoGolden Gate Bridge in San Francisco

We’ve always joked about how we’d eventually like to live north of San Francisco someday because it’s always sunnier over the bridge, but it’s true! And it makes for a far better photo opportunity. 🙂

Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco

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