/How to Arrange Travel Insurance For a Round the World Trip

How to Arrange Travel Insurance For a Round the World Trip

If you’re lucky enough to be jetting off on a round the world trip then it’s very easy to get caught up in the excitement of choosing destinations and travel routes and dreaming about all those wonderful beaches and all that time you can spend doing exactly what you want.  It’s worth remembering though that a round the world trip can also be fraught with problems (didn’t mean to burst your happiness bubble there), which are made even more challenging by being thousands of miles from home.  Whilst you can’t avoid the inevitable hiccups along the way, booking travel insurance for a round the world trip will ensure that you can cope with whatever happens financially and get yourself safely home – or on to the next adventure.  Here are some tips on how to arrange travel insurance for a round the world trip:


Make sure you have cancellation cover – no one wants to have to bail out of a trip like this at the last minute, but if something does arise that means you need to stay at home then if you have cancellation cover at least you won’t lose your money too.  Insurance that covers the costs of delays can also be very useful, as is policy that will pay out if your trip is cut short for any reason.


Look at getting cover for missed connections – remember that round the world tickets are offering great deals on the cost of the flights, but this usually means that there is little flexibility when it comes to moving your travel (unless you pay extra) or accounting for problems.  This kind of policy will provide the peace of mind of knowing that if you’re delayed on one leg of your trip and that means you miss the next flight, the policy will pay out.


Get coverage for passports, tickets and visas – unlike a normal holiday where you’re staying in one place and, most likely, locking all your valuables into a room or hotel safe every day, a round the world trip is a much more varied experience. You might be travelling to parts of the world where, as a foreigner, you are a natural target for thieves, staying in the kinds of hotels where a safe is not an option, or just spending long periods of time with your passport, tickets and visas on you whilst moving around lots of different areas.  Rather than ending up without the money to replace these essential documents, make sure they are covered before you leave.


Be sure that your medical and repatriation coverage is high enough – this is particularly important if you’re travelling long distances.  Hopefully the worst won’t happen but if for any reason you need to be flown home at some point, it’s important to make sure that your insurance will cover the cost of it, otherwise you or your relatives will have to pay for it.  This can be incredibly expensive if you are not flying home on a regular plane ticket.


Take into account the experiences you want to have – many people use a round the world trip as a great reason to try lots of new sports, experiences and adventures, such as sky diving, skiing and snowboarding or quad biking.  If you take out a standard insurance policy anything that is counted as a ‘dangerous sport’ is most likely not going to be included, which means that if you are hurt or killed doing these things your insurance won’t cover you.  If you think you might want to hurl yourself out of a plane or go bungee jumping then take out the extra cover at the start just in case.


With these tips on how to arrange travel insurance for a round the world trip you can make sure that you set off with all your ducks in a row.  That leaves you free to do what you’re meant to do on a once in a lifetime trip like this – have lots and lots of adventures. To find a quick & efficient quote, just use one of a number of websites online. One such example is Insure & Away.



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