/How to follow the 2014 FIFA World Cup

How to follow the 2014 FIFA World Cup

It seems like just yesterday that football fans around the world were blowing vuvuzelas to their hearts’ content – now, four years on, we are all eagerly awaiting the next big tournament in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

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With time comes advances in technology, and in just four years we’ve already harnessed the power of social media, smart phones and more, giving us the power to keep up to date with big events round the clock. If you want nonstop news and information on the World Cup, try out these apps and sites to keep you on the ball.


Get tweeting

With the Twitter app being available on all laptops, tablets and smart phones nowadays, there’s no excuse not to join the social networking site. Make sure you follow @FifaWorldCup for the latest updates on teams, broadcasting areas and even sticker book entries, all complete with player interviews and competitions. Even if you don’t get a chance to make it to Brazil, you can still feel like you’re there with behind-the-scenes looks at football stadiums and a glimpse at 2014 merchandise.


Be in the know

Loyal footballs fans will want to know everything about their team’s performance, from weather updates affecting games to world cup injury news, so head over to the Coral news site to get up to the minute articles on what’s what during the big tournament. Accessible from home computers, smart phones, tablets and games consoles, the site is available at your fingertips 24/7 to keep you in the know.


Travel in luxury

The World Cup is about more than watching the football – if you’re lucky enough to be travelling to Rio this summer, then you’ll want to be in the loop about the cheapest accommodation for you and your buddies. For those willing to push the boat out, the official FIFA website gives you up to date lists of hotels in Rio, complete with information on vacancies, star ratings and distances from each game.


Those looking to slum it a little over in Brazil however can keep in touch with the games via video link at the World Cup Camping Rio site, created by British expats Andrew Allan and Stephen Pike. Located in Recreio, the site offers 24-hour security, bars and big screen televisions to watch all the action, all without having to shell out for expensive five star accommodation. To make your reservation, head over to their website.