/How To Make The Most Of Your Oslo Trip

How To Make The Most Of Your Oslo Trip

Contemplating of having a weekend getaway? Why don’t you include Oslo, Norway in your travel plans? The said destination is the place to be, especially if you want to experience a unique country that is known for its beautiful attractions and deep history.

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Putting the said factors into consideration, it can be said that a weekend in Oslo is simply perfect if you want to have a grand time. This is most true if you want to achieve a vacation that is simply outside the ordinary.

To make the most of your Oslo trip, it would be best if you would take the full-day grand city tour. It will allow you to fully explore the said city in the most efficient way possible.

By shelling out a small amount, you can visit the world-class museums and see the picturesque sceneries that Oslo boasts of. In addition, you’ll also get to visit the Viking Ships, the Vigeland Park, and other attractions that lure travellers from many parts of the world.

The full-day grand city tour is actually a combination tour, which means that you get to explore the beauty of the city via boat or coach.

You might spend about two hours on board a boat to visit the alluring islands of Oslo Fjord. While in this phase of the trip, you will definitely marvel at the city’s splendid green islands, architecturally sound summer homes, and other attractions in its waterfront.

While on your coach tour, you will visit some of Oslo’s top visitor attractions. The long list includes the the Fram Museum, Kon-Tiki Museum (home of the world-famous Kon-Tiki), Norwegian Fold Museum, and other establishments that exude Oslo’s rich history.


Oslo, Norway is simply the place to be if you want to visit a unique tourist destination that is very different from other tourist hubs. For this reason, it should be included in your travel plans, especially if you’ll only be away for a short period. Also, don’t forget to opt for the full-day grand city if ever your trip pushes through—it is a must—if you want to make the most of your trip.