/Want to Learn More About Us?

Want to Learn More About Us?

I’m just going to assume your answer is yes. 😉

We’ve recently been featured on two totally awesome travel blogs:

Jack and Jill Travel the World

Jack and Jill currently live in the Bay Area (oh, we love them already!) and are planning a round-the-world trip beginning in April 2011. As preparation, they’re interviewing traveling couples for tips on how to survive together on the road.

We offer our sage words of wisdom, explain why we insult one another so much, and divulge who we’d shack up with if given half a chance.

*TEASER* Who’s your on screen couple and why?

C: Jim and Pam! Ha, okay, we’re not really that adorable.
K: Wash and Zoe from Firely. They were awesome… and why the hell did Firefly get cancelled after just two seasons? Travesty.
C: Oooh, good one. I would also like to think we’re a lot like Chuck and Sarah. Okay, maybe only in our heads are we the most badass spy couple ever, but a person’s gotta dream!
K: Also Lily and Marshal (How I Met Your Mother)… Troy and Abed (Community)…
C: Do you think maybe we watch too much tv?
K: Impossible.

Read the full interview!

1000 Fights

Mike and Luci of 1000 Places to Fight Before You Die also featured us in their “7 Questions” series. Their blog is focused on couples traveling together long-term and highlights a number of adventursome duos who have made it happen.

Y’know, we’d like to think of our journey as a thousand places to make love before we die, but fighting works too! 🙂 Here you’ll learn about our biggest fight on the road, the best cuisines we’ve discovered around the world, and how we pick the places we visit.

*TEASER*  If you had to eat one last meal, what/where would you eat?

Christy: While wandering around the super sketchy part of Naples on our first backpacking expedition, we stumbled on a tiny little pizzeria where we had our first Italian margherita pizza and limoncello. I thought the limoncello was lemonade, silly me, so I gulped it down and almost died. But eating that pizza was like tasting the divine! We vowed to return, but didn’t write down the name and then got lost on our way home. For days afterwards we searched and searched for that little Napolian pizzeria, to no avail. I refuse to die before I’ve tasted that pizza again, so I’ll find it eventually.

Read the full interview!

Head over to both of these awesome travel blogs and get to know us a little better!