Here is a list of some of our favorite travel bloggers.

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A Dangerous Business
Amanda is just a small-town Ohio girl trying to balance a “normal” life of job, friends and family with an unquenchable lust for travel. She’s always looking for that next chance to get swept away in an adventure, be it around the globe or around the corner.
A View to a Thrill
Renee identifies herself as an “everyday, run of the mill travel enthusiast”, and she provides inspiration for anyone who wants to see the world without breaking the bank.
As We Travel
As We Travel is written by two full-time travelers (Nathan and Sofia) and provides travel tips and inspiration.
Aussie Travel Advice
Aussie Travel Advice is an independent blog with numerous resources for Australians travelling overseas.
Canvas of Light
A travel photography blog capturing the beauty of the world through his lens. His motto: “Explore, Discover, Learn, Share.”
Finding the Freeway
Greg and Stephanie are on the road to becoming digital nomads. They’re still in the planning stages, but they’re blogging as they learn.
Geeky Explorers
Two self-proclaimed geeks, Keith and Tricia have bought an RV and are heading out with their four adorable pets.
Norbert is an architect who is always looking for new ways to reinterpret this world, and in the fall of 2011 he heading out on a RTW trip.
Go, See, Write
A mobile lawyer currently traveling in Colombia, Michael has already circumnavigated the globe once without ever stepping on an airplane!
Hecktic Travels
Dalene and Peter are a Canadian couple who have sold everything and been on the road since 2009.
Hejorama Travel Magazine
Hejorama is a social media platform with inspiring content for curious and adventurous travelers.
Idelish Travels
Jeremy & Shirlene have been traveling as a couple for over 10 years! Follow them as they share and inspire through their stories, adventures and photography!
Inspiring Travellers
John and Andrea are currently on a RTW trip, and their blog contains stories and inspiration from and for other travellers.
Jack and Jill Travel
Jack and Jill are planning their RTW trip that begins in April of 2011.
Johnny Vagabond
Wes is currently traveling the world and blogging about the random adventures he had along the way. His stories are hysterical and his photos are beautiful.
Life Part 2
Jonathan Look took early retirement in 2011 to see the world; one country at a time, one year at a time. He embraces the philosophy that says a person is the sum of their experiences and rejects the fraud of modern consumerism.
The Lost Backpack
Leaving the backpack behind to explore new cultures and travel the road.
Man vs. Debt
Baker regularly blogs about finances, minimalism, and the evils of credit cards, but he also writes about the new adventure his family has embarked on: living in an RV!
New Travel Image
Travel photographer and writer Brook Mitchell regularly posts incredible photos she’s taken during her adventures.
Nomadic Matt
Nomadic Matt is one of the premier travel sites. Matt has been on the road since 2005, and his website has become an incredibly useful resource for other travelers.
Nomadic Samuel
A travel blog that is miles away from ordinary… and dripping with sarcasm.
No Vacation Required
Caanan and Kent aim to lead a “no vacation required” life, because life should be something you look forward to. Every day.
Ordinary Traveler
A couple of surfers in their early thirties, Scott and Christy are currently residing in San Diego, CA. They blog to inspire ordinary people (like themselves), to take life by the reins and fulfill their dreams of travel no matter what situation they are in.
Over Yonderlust
A couple from Austin, Texas. She photographs. He writes. Join them on their travels and preparation for a year in South America.
Phil in the Blank
While many of his past travels have taken him to West Africa, Phil is currently in a state of wander. He also really likes camels.
The Planet D
This traveling duo has visited an astonishing 43 countries… and counting! Soon Dave and Deb will be embarking on the Mongol Rally (driving from England to Mongolia) to raise money for charity.
The Road Forks
Akila and Patrick travel, cook, and eat their way around the world with their two dogs. They also take stunning photos!
The Roamantics
Lorna is a filmmaker who is currently living in her little Chinook RV and driving around the U.S. and Canada.
Smiling Faces Travel Photos
Daily travel photo featuring smiles from around the world.
Two gen-X geeks who are utilizing technology to engage in a full-time traveling lifestyle, Cherie and Chris have a wealth of knowledge to share about digital nomadism and living in an RV.
The first travel blog we followed (and what helped inspire us to travel ourselves!), Technomadic documents the travels of two Aussies as they explore Europe in their RV (Nettle).
Trail of Ants
Written by Ant Stone, Trail of Ants is a funny travel blog that shares stories, tips, and travel advice.
Travels with a Nine-Year Old
This blog helps dispel the myth that you can’t (or shouldn’t) travel around the world long-term with kids. In addition to their adventures, the blog includes tons of great information on unschooling.
2 Backpackers
Jason and Aracely Castellani travel around the world backpacking, sharing experiences through travel photos, adventure travel videos and budget travel tips.
Uncornered Market
Audrey and Daniel have traveled to 65 countries over the course of 4 years… and they show no signs of slowing down!
yTravel Blog
Caz & Craig are two amazing (and Australian!) travel veterans who have traveled all over the world. Check out their blog for great resources and stories.
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