/Photo of the Week: Southwestern Mountain Range

Photo of the Week: Southwestern Mountain Range

Mountain Range

How beautiful are these mountains??

As we drove from Albuquerque up to Colorado this gorgeous mountain range kept peeking out at us.  I’m fairly sure it’s somewhere in northern New Mexico (maybe southern Colorado?), but don’t take my word for it — I’m not always fully lucid when driving.

I really wanted to get a picture of these cheeky devils, though, but every time I saw a great vantage point to take a photo from I realized it wasn’t exactly safe to slam on the brakes and pull over to the shoulder of a one-lane highway in an massive motorhome.

But whatevs, I got impatient, so that’s exactly what I did.  After screeching to a dusty (albeit controlled, I swear!) stop, I darted across the highway and trespassed on someone’s cattle farm to get this shot.

In my humble opinion, I’d say it was well worth the effort.  ;)