/My 3 Favourite Cheap and Cheerful Exotic Holiday Destinations

My 3 Favourite Cheap and Cheerful Exotic Holiday Destinations

Exotic holiday destinations don’t have to be restricted to those with deep pockets. With a little careful planning and a sense of adventure, I have managed to experience some faraway places for much less than you might imagine.

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Here are my top three exotic destinations, all which cost far less than you might think.


1. Thailand


Thailand has long been the destination of choice for many looking for an incredible getaway. Beautiful beaches, stunning scenery coupled with incredibly hospitable people and an exciting culture makes it so popular with tourists. Along with the 5* star hotels and complexes there are many far more simple yet equally good options for those on more of a budget.


I’ll always make sure I head to Bangkok to get my dose of crazy, bustling nightlife along with fantastic food and local beer. Then, after I’ve seen enough, I tend to move out of the city centre to explore the rest of this fantastic country – there are beaches, jungles, colourful temples and the ubiquitous elephant ride to try. With a low cost of living and very competitive flights on offer, there is far more to this country than the resort hotels shown in the holiday brochures.


2. Nicaragua


A little bit of Caribbean paradise but for those on a budget – the more local you are prepared to go the cheaper you will find the Central American country of Nicaragua. Want to just relax on a stunning golden beach? Go volcano exploring? Find a fresh water lake in which to fish? Or simply enjoy the scenery and landscape? Well, all of this is possible in Nicaragua with a little bit of research. Locals live incredibly cost effectively so I tend to go to where they eat and enjoy being treated like a king for pennies.


3. Croatia


You don’t necessarily need to fly off to some far-flung corner of the globe to experience a different culture. I also tend to head to the other side of Europe and see one of its gems – Croatia. A UNESCO world heritage site; Dubrovnik is breath-taking and a popular stop for travellers of all means. Hunt around and you’ll be able to find a hostel for around £7 per night, stay longer and you should be able to negotiate a better deal. There is a lot to enjoy here, including shipwrecks to snorkel or dive through and a full range of water sports in the crystal blue waters. The Dubrovnik Summer Festival is also worth visiting – this takes place through the months of July and August.


Struggling to finance the trip?


Affordable as these destinations may be, any trip will require financing. The good news is that, in common with most people, I almost invariably have a number of valuable and yet unused items lurking in various cupboards. Previous trips have seen me sell my old netbook for cash, do numerous part-time jobs and literally beg and scrounge for cash from parents. With a little bit of work, you’re travelling dreams can become a reality.


Ultimately, travelling is about far more than just the destination – the life experience and new perspectives that you can gain are incredible.