/Photo of the Week: Koa in Gulf Shores, AL

Photo of the Week: Koa in Gulf Shores, AL

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Koa in Gulf Shores, Alabama

This photo was taken earlier today in Gulf Shores, AL.  The weather is a fabulous 65 degrees and we’re camped right on this quaint little lake/stream/canal (which is right across the street from the Gulf of Mexico).

Koa has spent the entire week we’ve been here giving us begging looks and trying to get into that water, but he’s stinky when he’s wet so we just haven’t allowed him.  But since one of the two things he’s really excellent at in life is being ridiculously adorable, we finally gave in this afternoon and let him have his fun.

Of course, two minutes after he galloped into the water a little old lady comes rushing down to us while repeating “oh no, oh no, no no no!”  Turns out there’s a maybe-not-so-friendly-but-probably-very-hungry-looking gator that usually likes to hang around in that grass.  Le sigh.  They really keep showing up everywhere we go.

So Koa had the shortest swim of his life and then got his first bath in months.  He’s none too pleased with us right now…