/Photo of the Week: View of Mt. Rainier at Sunset

Photo of the Week: View of Mt. Rainier at Sunset

View of Mt. Rainier from the Space Needle

This photo was taken during our visit to Seattle last August. It’s a view of Mt. Rainier and downtown Seattle from the top of the Space Needle.

Kali and I both grew up in the Pacific Northwest, so being surrounded by mountains is kind of a security blanket for us. We didn’t realize how much we missed them until we hallucinated a whole mountain range while on our way out of Florida.

We were both feeling nostalgic and oddly at home as we drove through this very-much-not-like-home region, and it took us an embarrassingly long time to realize that the hilly horizon our subconsciousnesses were responding to was actually a huge storm cloud (and by embarrassingly long, I mean there were rain drops on the windshield before we figured out what was going on).