/Reasons Why Munich Is a Must See On Your German Vacation

Reasons Why Munich Is a Must See On Your German Vacation

Anyone that has ever visited Munich will know that its a stunning, friendly and cultural city. “Munich” literally translates to “a city that likes people”, and this comes as no surprise, as the locals are some of the most hospitable you will meet anywhere in the world.


The city itself sits on the Isar river which runs from the Bavarian mountains. There are so many things to see in this city, so this short guide will point out some of the most popular.

Munich is very popular for its sausage meat and beer. If you’ve heard of the world renowned beer festival called “Oktoberfest”, then you’ll understand why beer and Munich go hand in hand.

The Oktoberfest, also called “die Wiesn” is a huge beer festival that takes place over a period of 16 days at the end of September and continues into October(Hence the name).

Not only is the beer an attraction here, but the world largest fair takes place during the festival. It attracts well over 6 million visitors.

Apart from the festival, you also have a plethora of things to view and discover in the city itself.

The most famous attraction in the city is Frauenkirche, which is a Cathedral. Shortly nearby is the biggest Renaissance church north of the Alp mountain range – Michaelskirche!

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In the city center, there are four 19th century avenues that all connect the suburbs to the inner city. Magnificent buildings, museums and galleries line these wonderful avenues. The fact remains though, that Munich hosts so many attractions that it becomes impossible to list them all here without leaving something out that might be of interest to the reader.

If you were to do a survey and ask Germans themselves “What city in Germany would you like to live in”, then the majority would reply with Munich. It must be remembered though that Munich is the countries most expensive city, but this is because the quality of living is high and that’s a major factor for most people.

All in all, Munich is one of those European destinations that millions of million flock to each year for one reason or the other. It has something for everyone, and you will never get bored with what the city has to offer in terms of all around entertainment.