/The Sea Spirit House in Yachats, OR

The Sea Spirit House in Yachats, OR

When you’re perpetually nomadic, you’re bound to occasionally find yourself in less-than-ideal accommodations — the hostel with obnoxious 4am partiers, the hotel with rude staff, the landlady with ridiculous requirements… even the freezing cold floor of a train station!

The Sea Spirit House Bed and Breakfast in Yachats, OR

But then you find that gem of a place — the one fabulous location you love so much that you can’t bear to leave — and the rest of the stresses melt away.

For us, that happened at the Sea Spirit House Bed and Breakfast in Yachats, OR.

We don’t often stay at B&Bs (in fact, in the past year we haven’t really stayed anywhere other than our motorhome), but after deciding on a change of pace for our recent birthday-trip to the Oregon Coast we ended up spending two peaceful nights at the Sea Spirit House B&B.

The Sea Spirit House Bed and Breakfast

We were looking forward to our stay, but we weren’t prepared for just how enamored of the place we would become… just thirty minutes after our arrival Kali and I were already discussing the possibility of permanently living in (and running) our own small bed and breakfast on the coast!

The Sea Spirit House is a large, three-story Bed & Breakfast on the Oregon Coast; nestled between Highway 1 and the Pacific Ocean just a few miles north of Yachats, the location makes it a perfect basecamp for exploring Cape Perpetua and the central Oregon Coast).

The entire house is beautifully decorated, with high ceilings and skylights giving each room an open, airy feeling, and as soon as we stepped in the front door we could feel ourselves relaxing.

Our lovely host Dianne immediately made us feel at home, and after a short tour we retired to the third floor — an open loft with comfortable couches, board games, and stunning ocean views. It was such a peaceful room that we expected to spend a significant portion of our time reading and relaxing up there, but it turns out that each guest room has it’s own huge bay windows overlooking the ocean.

The Oceanus Room at the Sea Spirit House

It’s not often that we travel somewhere and just stay curled up in our room, but with the lush feather bed, jacuzzi tub, huge windows, and stunning beach views, it was hard to convince ourselves to leave!

Sea Spirit House Bed and Breakfast

If you’ve seen our posts on Creole cuisine in NOLA or Central American cuisine in Miami, you know that we LOVE tasty fresh food, so we were particularly looking forward to the second B in the B&B experience.

We certainly weren’t disappointed! Dianne began the three-course meal with a plate of fresh fruit, drizzled with lavender-infused honey and a light dusting of powdered cocoa.

A gorgeously-presented smoothie (topped with sprinkled nutmeg and a mint garnish) followed, and the main course came last – one morning it was Eggs Benedict (with some clever twists) and the other a sweet pastry dish that I sadly didn’t catch the name of, but nevertheless quickly and enthusiastically demolished.

Sea Spirit House in Yachats, OR Sea Spirit House in Yachats, OR

Not only was the food perfectly prepared and presented, but we ate it while watching a variety of birds flit around the well-stocked bird-feeder located just outside the window, and then used the conveniently placed bird-watching book and binoculars to try to identify them.

It’s all in the details.

Sea Spirit House Bed and Breakfast

The Sea Spirit House is undeniable gorgeous, and the food was delicious, but it was the overall feeling of the place that made the biggest impact on our vacation.

The Sea Spirit House

This might qualify us as The Most Awful Travelers Ever, but Kali and I often have difficulties detaching ourselves from our work obligations long enough to actually enjoy the beautiful surroundings we frequently find ourselves in.

For a few days we found that inner calm at the Sea Spirit House, though, and it made us realize just how important that peace can be when you’re traveling full-time.

We had an amazing weekend at The Sea Spirit House, and we’ve decided that — in between the hostels and housesitting gigs and trains — we’re going to seek out places like this to just be still.

Of course, those future B&Bs have their work cut out for them — The Sea Spirit House has set our expectations remarkably high!
Sea Spirit House B&B in Yachats on the Oregon Coast
The beautiful view of the beach from our room.
Full Disclosure: The Sea Spirit House offered us free accommodations in exchange for an honest review. However, all thoughts and opinions are entirely our own.