/Top 5 Parks to Visit in London Springtime

Top 5 Parks to Visit in London Springtime

It is safe to say that London isn’t the brightest of places when it comes to the sun. But every now and then when the sun does cascade onto the city, the parks provide the perfect atmosphere for daytime play time. The best part is that you can use Jetblue or one of their partners to get to London from almost anywhere in the world. Here is a top five parks in London list!


Kensington Gardens

When warm weather graces this park, it is a beautiful sight to see. Patches and patches of yellow daffodils carpet the grounds of Kensington Gardens. Combining this with a beautiful surrounding of Serpentine Lake, densely-packed rows of trees that line pathways for strolling, this park provides the perfect springtime experience.

Japanese Garden, Holland Park

Holland Park is one of the smaller, silent parks in London, providing a peaceful landscape. Even though it is smaller, it makes up for its lack of size with its romantic and charming style. Thanks to the Japanese Garden, at the entrance to the garden, visitors are greeted with a beautiful Japanese Maple Tree. Red roses and twisted stone pathways lead you to a clam waterfall. It’s a perfect environment for an intimate date.

Regent’s Park

Bordering the city of Westminster and the borough of Camden, this 410 acre park is one of nine Royal Parks in London. Many assorted flowers decorate the garden, including open fields to skip through. The smells of this garden are enlightening among this masterfully-created garden.

Hampstead Heath

Hampstead Heath makes for one of the best view points and areas of the wild countryside with its highest points in London and panoramic view of the city with St. Paul’s and London Eye dominating the horizon. It features woodlands, heathlands, meadows, and several popular ponds for swimmers, if the weather permits. When spring arrives, an abundance of colors from various flowers make this landscape the premium spot for pictures and memories.

Highgate Woods

Highgate Woods harbors hornbeam and ancient oaks, as is did when it was formerly part of the Forest of Middlesex. Tunnels of trees down forest pathways make this a special treat for strolling in a peaceful environment. In springtime, the colors rejuvenate and the botany gives of a magical glow providing a flow of happiness for all visitors alike!


Photo by Flickr User Ewan-M