/How to choose the right shoe for you

How to choose the right shoe for you

We’ve been wearing shoes for most of our lives so it seems like quite a straight forward thing to do when it comes to finding the right pair. With so many choices now on the market selecting the best shoe out there for ourselves is not such a simple task anymore.

There are now various different options of special footwear for a range of activities, new technology is also shaping the way shoes are designed, production methods and materials are constantly changing, so knowing what to look for has never been more important.


Here are some really simple yet effective ideas that will help you make sure that you choose the best shoe for what ever your needs are. We would love to hear how you choose your shoes, what little tips do you have for the rest of the community here? All you have to do is put your thoughts in the comment section below this post, I am really looking forward to reading them and hopefully picking up some super tips.

The last pair I bought were a the awesome Timberland Mens 6 Inch Premium Boots, i bought them online which was so easy. If you’re looking for the best selection at the best rates then check out Get The Label. Here are the steps I always follow when choosing a new pair of shoes:

1) When and why will you be wearing them?

This has to be the first question you need to ask yourself because we need different shoes for different activities. Some shoes are multi purpose, so if you’re looking for just one pair consider what pair will work best for all the things that you will be doing. Here are the main types of shoes for different occasions/activities; Hiking, Cold-weather outdoor activities, Athletic shoes and dress shoes.

2) Get properly measured

Having your feet measured correctly can be the difference between your shoes feeling good and your shoes feeling amazing! You nee to look at the width and length of each foot – sometimes it is the case that your feet will not be the same so you need to take that into consideration when buying your shoes.

3) Cheaper is not always better

You should not let price make the decision for you, shoes are something that wear regularly and possibly more than any other item of clothing. Cheap shoes might not last for very long which will mean that you have to keep buying new shoes. An expensive, properly made shoe is well worth the investment – for shoes you really do get what you pay for.