/Ways to make side money in Hong Kong

Ways to make side money in Hong Kong


Hong Kong is a wonderful city for so many reasons. Great food, activities, nightlife and people to name a few. Living in Hong Kong as an expat can be tough on the wallet though. While public transport and food can be reasonably priced, housing prices near that of Europe and North America’s most expensive cities. With so much to see and do in Hong Kong it’s always nice to have a little extra spending cash on the side. Here are some handy and fun ways to make that extra pocket change and not stress about the rent.



The city is big on education, both local and students coming to study from abroad. Hong Kong is constantly ranked as one of the best places to study in all of Asia. This mean that many students are looking to gain academic assistant in their studies. There are sites that make it simple to connect with students who are looking to grow their learning skills. If you have math, science, law, engineering, language or music skills – just to name a few – it’s worth looking into tutoring English in Hong Kong on the side. The money is good and it’s free to sign up as a tutor.



Working as a barman is renowned as an international trade. With such a large expat community there are many western pubs and lounges in Hong Kong. Often bars will seek a few foreigner barman to service the out of town clients. Working at a bar is great fun and can come with some big perks, often gaining access to gigs, events, and discounted bar rates. It’s a great job if you are looking to expand your social network. Since the whole pub and bar scene is based around socializing, it’s easy to make new friends and network within the city.


Be An Artist

There are hundreds of markets, parks and public spaces in Hong Kong. If you have a musical talent, are a performer, or can produce unique art, use that ability to gain some extra cash. Selling your handy-work at a night market or busking in Hong Kong harbor is an excellent way to showcase your talents and make a little cash at the same time. The friendly and international welcomes all sorts of street performances. If you have a talent you decided to show off you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the reaction of Hong Kongers.