/3 Reasons every traveller should visit Paris

3 Reasons every traveller should visit Paris

Paris is a staple of Europe. Everybody wants a piece of the Paris cake – the culture, architecture and food are all but a perfect mixture of a superb city. Unique yet globally familiar, Paris is an obligatory destination for anyone who loves European culture and travel.

There are 1000’s of reasons why you should visit Paris and even Parisians themselves would find it difficult to proclaim they have seen, felt and witnessed all the city has on offer. But with that said – there are of course some reasons more pivotal than others. Here are three.


3 of the best reasons to visit Paris

  1. Experience the Eiffel Tower

It may sound predictable but that’s for good reason. Yes, everyone raves about it but the truth is The Eiffel Tower isn’t just a tourism attraction; it’s a powerful example of French architecture and is of course – one of the most romantic places in the world. The tower was built in 1889 and up until 1930; the Eiffel Tower was the world’s tallest man-made structure.

It is complete with three levels and restaurants on the first and second floors – these are quite possibly the best views in Europe. Most visitors use the elevators (lifts) to the first and second levels, but if you are feeling energetic you can climb the stairs. If you want to go the whole way to the top (which you should) then you can access this area by elevator only. Buying tickets in advance is recommended and you should also be prepared for queuing as with such a popular attraction – it is to be expected.

  1. See the views from Arc de Triomphe


A secondary and equally impressive one of Paris’s monumental attractions. The Arc de Triomphe offers you panoramic viewing of the city and it’s epic – you’ll be able to gaze down each avenue into the city. It’s a wonderful place to admire the taut geometry of Paris’s urban plan, and you’ll also be wowed by the rows of almost eerily neatly trimmed trees which line each avenue. You can also easily spot the Eiffel Tower – what’s a Parisian view without it? As well all amazing tourist attractions – the Arc is quite chaotic and extremely busy. Don’t let this deter you; it’s busy for a good reason.


  1. 3. Discover the Louvre Museum


As the world’s largest and most diverse collection of pre-20th century paintings, sculptures and decorative objects – this isn’t just a Museum; this is a globally renowned and admired institute.

Home to the Venus de Milo and the Mona LisaThe Lourve is famous. Don’t forget to discover the entire Museum – often we are drawn to the big and popular art works but in the less crowded wings you’ll discover the works of Vermeer, Caravaggio, Rembrandt, and countless others.


When it comes to staying in Paris you’ll be spoilt for choice, you will find an array of hotels in Paris, both budget and luxurious to suit all your needs. Paris can be an expensive city to stay in but if you take your time to explore the city, you will find some real gems and bargain hangouts for food, drink and even shopping. It’s a city that is certainly worth exploring, and as it is the most romantic city in the world, it’s best enjoyed with that someone special in your life.

Image – Pixabay