/Australia’s Great Getaway

Australia’s Great Getaway

Besides the Sydney opera house, Uluru also known as Ayers Rock, is Australia’s most iconic land mark. Nestled in the outback of the Northern Territory is a massive rock that sits 348m above ground level (862.5 metres above sea level) and is 9.4km in circumference. The oxidation of the iron within the rock gives Uluru its stunning red glow that makes it such an amazing land monument and a must see in Australia.


Getting to Uluru- The best way to get to Uluru is by vehicle. If you have a few extra days you are much better off renting or finding a campervans for sale and making the breath taking journey yourself. The freedom of having an automobile once you arrive in Ayers Rock is priceless as shuttles run frequently but are expensive. The drive on Stuart Highway, if you’re coming up from Sydney, Melbourne or Adelaide is a well paved and maintained road. There is pently to see and a lot of open space to pull over and enjoy the outback. You can also take buses from all major cities as well as Cairns and Alice Springs. Flying is the quicker but costlier way of arriving. Flights depart from every major city except Canberra and are usually $500-$1000 return trip.

Staying In Uluru- The Rock itself is in the Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park. Which is a UNESCO world heritage area. Entry into the park is $25 and is valid for 3 days. There is no actual accommodation in the park. Yulara, which is just outside the park is where you will find places to sleep, souvineers and supplies. As for places to stay, the options aren’t endless. Depending on your budget you can stay at 5star hotels at Ayers Rock Resort or in campsites. In the Uluru-Kata Tjuta area there is also the Olgas which is equally as stunning to witness. It’s about an hours drive from Yulara.

Entertainment in Uluru- There are plenty of activities once you’re there. Helicopter and ballon tours, hiking and outdoor tours and even camel tours. There are a few ways to experience Ayers Rock. First you can climb it. It’s 1km to the top and there is a chain rail to help you get up. The second is walking around the entire base, that will take you around 3-4 hours. The third is to take one of the 3 other 1-2km walks from various points. Don’t miss the wine and food here either. The outback BBQ is a great way to have some Aussie eats like kangaroo sausage and watch the sunset over the outback while enjoying great food and drinks.

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